Wir sind die Technische Universität München

September 18, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

How will we live in the future? How will we reside, work and get around? How do we make sure
that our resources don’t run out? How will robots look like and how will we communicate we with them? Will travel with new vehicles? With environmentally friendly technologies and
faster than ever? How do we create medical diagnoses?
Which operating methods do we use? By what means do we treat
serious diseases, like cancer? Full of passion for the biggest
challenges of our society we are one of the most successful
Universities of the world. Awarded one of the best Universities in Germany, we foster daring ideas but also entrepreneurial intuition. Excellent in teaching and research,
interdisciplinary across subject boundaries, internationally at the highest level. Close to our roots and open to new ideas we lead in international University rankings. We research and study in
life sciences just as well as in the art of living. We are a big family of award winners, alumni, students and female researchers. We are also a big company
acting economically, with high demand and ambition in goals, we face
international competition and get to know people from all over the world. If you want to change the world on a grand scale you must understand it in the smallest, with all its shapes and colors, elements and areas of life. A task that drives us every day to peak performance, to which we are all committed. For 150 years we have been fulfilling
an important mission bringing the spark of science to economy. And we still do that today.
Thanks to our curiosity, our courage, imagination and our passionate
drive for victory, we have the power to constantly improve the world and all of our lifes. We are the TUM.