Why study by distance learning with the University of Birmingham

October 7, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

I chose the University of Birmingham for several
reasons. It’s a fantastic university with a great reputation. The department of Classics
is well-renowned and my supervisor is an expert in my field. At the same time the distance
learning course is fantastic. It provides lots of support and provides you opportunities
to meet academics from all around the world. So far the best thing about the distance learning
program here at Birmingham, I have to say is the people. The networking. The distance
learning aspect has been great and there’s a lot of people you meet through online distance
learning resources but when you come here for your seminar, your supervisions and you’re
actually here in person, you meet these people and you have something that goes deeper than
just your first time meeting. You have this kind of community kind of family thing happening
at Birmingham. Networking with people from all over the world who are in different contexts
than me but are also in the same context as far as we have this common centre in Birmingham. My work with the faculty here has been just
incredible. I get feedback quickly and its valuable feedback. I’m given structure. I
just sat down with my supervisor yesterday and we hammered out all these dates that I
need to turn in different things. So there’s a structural side to it and here at Birmingham
the faculty in the centre where I’m doing the research is phenomenal. At feedback and
evaluation – those kinds of things. Distance learning too at the University of
Birmingham has been flexible. They’ve worked with me as far as payment schedules are concerned.
As far as if I can’t get something in quite on time, whatever, I can look out a little
farther and they’ve worked with me on that so it’s a nice balance between rigidity and
structure but also flexibility on a case by case basis and then the faculty of course
really seals the deal for me.