Why International Students Call McMaster University Home

September 8, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

(upbeat music) – What I like about
Social Sciences is like provide me a chance to like
learn about critical thinking. So since there’s like
many programs of route, like in social sciences,
and all they are, somehow they are interconnected. So it’s better for me
to like learn different perspective within the social science. – The more social science
courses that I took at Mac, smaller size classes and I
have many small group work so we could see more like a
peer interaction between us. And we also can easily get the individual feedback from professors. – Everyone’s like helping each other in order to get achievement
in like different ways. So there’s also many clubs
and like organization you can participate to like make
you get more experience. I would say diversity, diversity of food, and diversity of happenings. – And also there is like many communities, like organizations in Hamilton which you can explore your interest through participating, working,
or volunteering in like different organizations. – And I love the many restaurants on the Locke street in downtown area. – So, as an international student, I think it’s so important to
ask for help if you need it. It’s like don’t be shy
and like just get out of your comfort zone and you will be fine. And it’s like McMaster
provides vital resources for international student if they need it. So just don’t worry. Just go for it. (laughs) – Come and see the Mac Campus
and try to eat a Willy Dog. You will really love the university life. – Welcome to McMaster. – Welcome to McMaster. (upbeat music)