October 26, 2019 66 By Stanley Isaacs

what’s going on everyone my name is drew
welcome to my channel and in today’s episode I’m going to be telling you why
oh we spilling all the tea hey before we hoppin in this video I just want to let
you know that this is from my perspective so college or Business
School might be a good option for you I just can’t truly learn by sitting in a
classroom and listening to a professor and really what it comes down to a
self-awareness you have to know yourself know your strengths and then adjust
accordingly so without further ado let’s get into it I currently attend a
business school that’s one of the top 40 in the entire nation my first two years
I attended a community college and I had to maintain a 4.0 to transfer into the
business go on in now out of thousands that applied to this business school
only a hundred transfers got in every year so I had to make sure that I was on
top of my grades when I asked my advisers what I needed to do to make
sure that I’d get into this business school they told me that GPA was the
most important measure of thumb now off the bat that kind of seems a little
ironic to me instead of the business school truly valuing what it means to be
a successful business person they base your sole worth on GPA in
extracurriculars so instead of being curious to what I was doing for the
business world my grade in a geology class was more important to get me into
the school the first two years of school I took you know a few economics classes
a few accounting classes but mostly I was taking Texas government US
government classes I had already taken in high school a geology classes math
classes classes that didn’t apply to my major but I still had to take them and
pay a lot of money business is rapidly changing day in and day out we’re
becoming more of a globalized economy social media marketing algorithms so
many different things are changing and developing every single day and so it’s
obvious that business is gonna be a completely different climate from when
you first join college to when you leave because it’s a four-year degree and a
lot can happen in four years so instead of making a business degree filled with
a bunch of useless geology classes all these electives that don’t even apply to
the major why not just make a business degree 18 months pack in all the
important classes that you need to know about business and then send you out in
the real world oh that’s right because the primary goal of colleges are to make
money but drew isn’t it important to be a
well-rounded individual? of course it’s important to be a well-rounded
individual but paying thousands of dollars for courses that one can be
found all online and to don’t even apply to the real world marketplace I think
there’s better alternatives for becoming well-rounded my whole geology class was
just learning the material and taking tests so guess what yeah I had to take a
whole semester worth of learning about rocks but I didn’t retain most of the
information because the way the system is set up is that you download the
information into your head memorize it for an exam and then go on to the next
material without truly retaining that knowledge and that’s not how you really
learn that’s surface level retention if you’re like what is it occasionally
you’re basically downloading data and algorithms into your brain and it’s it’s
actually amazingly bad in conventional education because like it shouldn’t be
like this huge tour yet even with these flaws college tuition is rising more and
more every year putting tons of people and thousands of dollars of debt the
current student debt is over one trillion dollars and it’s just rising
for an education that is lowering in value every year so for example if one
of our grandparents you know someone in the baby boomer generation decided that
they wanted to get a college degree they wanted to go to business school they
could do that for a fraction of the cost and have a better guarantee of getting a
good job see nowadays everyone has a degree because the access of federal
loans has allowed many people to go get the college degree but on a logic level
more people have a degree therefore it’s not worth as much as it used to be
there’s even articles that explain that nowadays a degree is the equivalent of a
high school diploma then why are tuition rates inflating at such a high
percentage there was an article I read recently that said in the past 10 to 15
years household income has only risen 20% but college tuition has inflated way
over a hundred percent colleges all around the u.s. are taking advantage of
the consumer because they know that anyone can go out and give federal loans
to pay for their tuition so what are they doing they’re raising the prices on
everything more and more every year you really want to know how you can learn
about business look at the business of college if you actually look into how
most colleges use their tuition money you’ll probably be pretty surprised so
it’s finals week right now I actually just got done taking a final today for
one of my information system management class basically this is a
business class that teaches you about the ins and outs of computers
interestingly enough our professor doesn’t allow us to take notes on our
computers in class because she says that for memorization it’s better to write it
down on a piece of paper and that’s true you can retain knowledge more that way
but when that translates into the real world it’s a old system everything is on
computers right now the modern world is changing so quickly and to be honest
College cannot keep up with the invention of Google human knowledge has
been democracies for everybody any topic that you want to delve into you can find
using the Internet and our professors will even say that like we’re stupid
they’ll be like oh well if you don’t know the answer just google it as long
as you’re a proactive learner and you have the discipline to delve in the deep
topics on the internet through web forums through Google searches through
YouTube videos you can do that free of cost without having to go into thousands
of dollars worth of debt so like I said I took my final today and I want to show
you all what kind of material was on the test here’s a six page review packet
talking about HTML language default font size implemented in almost all browsers
is an answers three now look a fundamental about business is that you
can’t avoid failure you need to embrace failure because you learn through
failing you learn from your mistakes you get
back up and you take that knowledge and apply it to your next venture
but classes in Business School discourage failure because if you fail
you have to retake the course so everyone does everything they can to
avoid failure the entire purpose of a good university is to give you a
foundation to fail not a foundation to get an A and if you graduate from
college with straight A’s you have to do some serious soul-searching as to why
you chose to spend your time do so for example in this review right here they
want me to memorize the default font size of an HTML code and the best way to
do that is to remember that information until the exam is over and then forget
it that isn’t true learning you’re not applying anything you’re just
downloading this info in your head until you use it for the exam that’s not how
life or business works you think there are too many tests we give kids to any
test I think your emphasis on what the meaning of the test tests people it’s a
way to find out what you know but don’t then say if you don’t know this there
for the rest of your life is screwed no no because go find people who are
successful in this world fine you know talk show
some comedians and novelists and attorneys and go get the politicians put
him in a room say how many here got straight A’s throughout school none of
them are gonna raise their hands by throw-in inventor’s throw in all these
people none of them are gonna raise their hand and the funny thing is exams
are the most crucial part of every course you need to pass the exams in
order to pass the class so rather than truly valuing intuitive business traits
Business School puts more value on memorizing information than actually
applying it now the ironic thing about memorizing for exams is that everything
that’s taught to you is taught to you in a list right when you’re looking at the
PowerPoint and taking notes you write down case studies you write down
definitions you write down important names legitimately one of my test
questions in this class at the beginning in the semester asked me what the color
of IBM’s brand logo was versus and all and I got it wrong because I said that
IBM was blue and Amdahl was orange but it was really IBM was blue and Amdahl
was red that’s what they wanted us to memorize so by teaching everything as a
list that you need to write down they fail to recognize that everything is
interconnected that’s how it is in the real world and that’s how you learn by
making connections and finding out how all this knowledge connects together for
the bigger picture guys you can really tell when I’m upset when I start
sweating like crazy you see these pit stains come out that
means that I am spilling tea okay so let’s bring this down to a base level if
you’re not really learning a lot in Business School you’re learning how to
follow instructions and listen to tasks and complete them efficiently and on
times okay so that’s all business school is is being able to be given a box given
instructions on how to fill out the box and do it on time then what about
entrepreneurs I have friends that are doing tons of things in entrepreneurship
and are being successful in it and every single one of them that I’ve talked to
has said that you cannot teach entrepreneurship it is something that
you can only learn through doing instead of filling out a box and memorizing the
info that I need to have for the exam what if I have an independent thought
that has never been thought of before I’m left high and dry because I think
now that because I failed an exam I’m stupid and I’m not a good business man
exams aren’t like the business world so why is there so much emphasis on it the
only way you can invent tomorrow is if you break out of the enclosure that the
school system has provided for you by the exams written by people who are
trained in another generation look ya’ll I could give
much deeper to this topic we can talk about how school only caters to one type
of learner we can talk about how school puts way too much value on literacy and
not enough on creativity we can talk about how school fails to cater to your
happiness we can talk about instead of finding something that you love doing
and getting really good at that one thing school tries to tell you that you
need to improve on your weaknesses instead of doubling down on what works
for you we can talk about how expensive higher education is and how life
crippling that debt can be we can talk about how loan providers are
monopolizing the market and making it super hard to do anything with your
college debt we can talk about how the school system is stuck in an archaic way
of learning that doesn’t adequately fit the modern day we can talk about how
school doesn’t have any core classes about dealing with depression stress
mental health the list can go on and on and I am more than willing to make any
video on any one of those topics that I will Yap about if you’re willing to
listen and I have only touched the surface on all these topics so if you’re
interested in that leave a comment below and I will spill all the tea that I have
about this broken system something needs to change
so please if you watch this video and you have any comments insights leave
them I want to discuss this with you I don’t fit into this system and I know a
lot of other people don’t too so thank you so much for watching today’s video
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