Why Do International Students Pay More Than Domestic Students?

September 22, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Did you know that international students
actually pay three to four times more than domestic students for tuition. Why
do you think that is? Yeah I thought it was more actually, but yeah. I actually
did but I have no idea why. I always thought it had something to do with
since they’re receiving education from outside their homeland, they’d have to, I
guess, pay more because they’re taking away spots for students who are living
here residentially to go to school right? I would think that since international
students haven’t been paying tax so it’s like making up to why our fees are so high. I’m not exactly sure but I I’m thinking that the school has a budget and so they they basically want to raise the budget from the international students because they
don’t want to put too much pressure on the local students, so I guess that’s the
reason why and they have this assumption that the international students have
more money probably. The SFU website shows the typical costs
for Canadian and international students during the 2017-2018 year. An
undergraduate domestic student taking five three credit courses would pay an
estimated fee of $2770 for the term.
On the other hand, an international student taking the same amount of
courses would pay an estimated fee of $12,125
for the term. That’s over four times the amount that domestic students pay. Now
there are a number of misconceptions around why this is. Speaking to SFU, we
were able to clarify the reason behind international students paying so much
more. At the heart of this difference is that domestic seats are funded by the
government while international seats are not. These seats, or spaces, for domestic
students are subsidized so that every domestic student receives a certain
amount of money which goes towards their education. Additional seats are then
offered to international students. These seats do not have any funding so they
cost more for the students. Still, tuition increases at a higher rate for
international students than for domestic students. A move SFU says is to address
the increasing cost of education. For international students in need of
financial aid, SFU offers scholarships, bursaries, and work-study opportunities. Do you think that the difference is fair?
four times the amount. Is that a fair amount? Or is that too much or too little?
The states, I know, charges more. The states do charge more. I mean, it feels really
unfair like at a student to student level because you’re trying to be everybody’s
peer but the school has a budget it needs to meet and so it has to sort of
think, if most of our income is coming from students like we have to raise
tuition for some people and we’re getting the subsidies for other students and
there’s no way you’re getting around it. Yeah, there’s also serious
international investments into Vancouver right now
and so the school is probably trying to get onto that as well.
Rightly so, rightly so. They should. Well sure, but I mean it’s not about whether it’s fair
or not, right? At a practical level it doesn’t matter what you charge if people
are willing to pay for it. I mean if people can stop paying for it then we
are coming to that point where there is a necessity to stop asking for that
money but then if there isn’t then if you People are going to keep paying for it because they
can afford it, right? Or you get a scholarship. We think about comparing two
countries, I applied to eight universities in America before coming
to SFU and the only reason was because it was cheaper to come here. So when you’re at a comparative level it’s easier to come here than to go to
the US so you’re still getting some amount of tuition off, right? It’s your
choice, do you want an international education or not, right? you