White Privilege –  The US College Admissions Bribery Scandal

White Privilege – The US College Admissions Bribery Scandal

August 13, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

let’s talk about this college bribery
scandal college admissions bribery college admissions bribery you know this
really pissed me off you know why because I’m not gonna brag but I was a
pretty dope student you know I’m saying I was like I graduated 3.85 GPA all my
classes were honors and advanced placement classes scored 1,300 plus on
my SATs couldn’t get into some of the schools that I wanted to get into I
couldn’t afford a lot of schools I wanted to get into right so ended up
going to the University of Maryland so that’s all guys great school go Terps
but the point is that it kind of hits close to a lot of people in the states
that you know work their asses off buster they ass off to do all the things
you got to do as a kid to just just to make it into college you know what I
mean and then you got to these these these quote-unquote Ivy League schools
you know I mean why why should we why should we value the the diplomas of
these universities anymore when it’s it’s proven that they sell admissions to
the highest bidder I mean you have people like Jared Kushner and people
like Donald Trump and all of these rich people that got into these these these
nice schools and they’re idiots right so how can we value the the reputation of
these institutions anymore and that’s what I think that’s what needs to be
that that’s what needs to be done as I look at the news I follow this
issue I don’t see these institutions being held accountable right there’s a
lot of blame of course going to the parents a lot of a lot of shaming going
towards the the both the parents and the students but where’s the shame going to
these universities you don’t mean where where is these these universities keep
holding nose up to everybody oh they got you know their Harvard their their Yale
Stanford you know all of these schools like you know you were just shown to be
a piece of shit you know I mean you you’re letting people into your
universities wearing your your your colors and your badges
and they don’t reserve to be there meanwhile you got so many kids out there
that are brilliant the next Einstein the next DaVinci the next the next you know
Louie past or that the next brilliant mind-blowing life-altering
world-changing event is gonna happen and there’s kids out there that could make
it happen and then these schools are just looking at their bottom line and
their factories just going back to what it was that what it is quite simply most
of these universities are just factories you pay them money and then you go into
it you sit down in a production line and this is what happens right do you do and
then an end of it they spit you out with a diploma and that’s your certification
you came to the you what you went through this factory of learning it’s
not a university it’s not a place of learning it’s a factory of learning
right and this recent scandal just kind of shows how how the factory business
works right it’s not about how intelligent you are it’s not about none
of that it’s about how much money you got who are your parents
what are they gonna do for the university right at the end of the day
what are we doing a building as a nation as a world are we how are what value is
it to promote to give a helping hand or to give a boost that people already are
born the privilege right meanwhile the best of us are kept in the dirt you know
I mean to be trampled on by these same people that stand in our shoulders and
they’re worthless they’re pieces of shit and we live in a
world of celebrity this cult of celebrity that if you you know you’re
famous and you’re rich and you’re this and your dad you know they got YouTube
and I sorry now they got YouTube and Instagram and Facebook and right now you
become an influencer right and all of these things it’s like but what are you
really trying to say what is your intelligence what are they what are you
really giving back to the world right is it just like look at me oh look at me
okay that’s it that’s the world we live in
right now no substance only style only fashion no function
you don’t mean so we have to be able to to launch a revolution in thought in
ideology and philosophy where these type of things are not are not I’m not I’m
not valid anymore you know people with privilege pushing themselves up it has
to be noticed it has to be seen it has to be we have to be aware that this is
happening and we have to put things in place to stop it so that people are on
an equal playing field and these idiots don’t get a chance to get away with what
they’ve been getting away with for hundreds of years right so anyway that’s
one of my little gorilla mic rants about this college bribery admissions scandal
and to all the parents and kids out there I hope they take care of the
plumbers away I hope they make your names public so we can shame you some
more gorilla Mike I’m out