When do college acceptances arrive/come?  TopTestPrep.com

When do college acceptances arrive/come? TopTestPrep.com

October 26, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Voiceover: Top Test Prep. Maggie: Hi guys, my name is Maggie. And if you just finished your
applications for college, I would like to say “congratulations”, because that is a big hurdle in the road to college admissions. You’ve taken the test,
you’ve written the essays, you’ve collaborated with your teachers about writing letters of recommendations. That application is done
and out of your hands. But this part of the
application process can also be a little tedious for students because what do you do while
you’re waiting for decisions? Well there are a couple
things that you can do to kind of take your mind
off of the upcoming decisions and they’ll be very helpful
for you as a student. First of all, remember to say “thank you” to anyone who helped you
on your road to writing this application. That includes certainly
the teachers who wrote your letters of recommendation, your academic counselor
who offered you guidance throughout this process, and anyone else, maybe your
parents or your tutors, just anyone who was there to
kind of help you along the way. They’ll really appreciate
the fact that you came back to them and said, “You know what, I really
do appreciate how much “you helped me during that.” Now secondly, the Spring is a great time to familiarize yourself with
the financial aid requirements. If there are certain schools that you know you’re going to require financial aid, be sure you’re familiar
with what kind of forms they’re going to need,
and those deadlines, because a lot of schools
will have Spring deadlines while you’re waiting for a decision. A great form to look up is the FAFSA, F-A-F-S-A. If you just Google that and try
to look up some information, that’s going to be the
national financial aid program that a lot of students rely on. But those forms take a while
and you’ll probably need to work with your parents
to find out what kind of information you’ll need. Now finally, a very important
thing after you turn in that application is to combat
senioritis as best as you can. I know it’s tempting, after you’ve gone through all those exams and all those essays while balancing all the extracurriculars that you
have that you just want to, kind of, lay low and
relax through the rest of your school year. But remember that any offer
of admission to a college is going to be conditional
on your successful completion of your school year. So if your grades tank all of a sudden in the Spring semester
of your senior year, that’s really not going to
look great on your transcript. So just do that work, keep it
going all the way til Summer, and then you can have
a very relaxing break. If you have any other
questions about what to do while you’re waiting
for college decisions, be sure to call us at 1-800-501-7737.