What We Recommend: Salish Kootenai College, Pablo, MT,  USA

What We Recommend: Salish Kootenai College, Pablo, MT, USA

November 30, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

one recommendation that i think was really important was one-on-one time with the teacher for learning because I needed to bond with the teacher and you get to know the teacher and also it helps kids that are
struggling in certain subjects It should be re-introduced that school can be dismissed early because of heat and we should do more with plants. Excursions and learning materials which match the lessons and the subject matter should be presented. Generally the lessons should be designed to be more exciting and hands-on. It would be good, to have more excursions, which match the lessons and the subject matter and should match the learning material shown. Secondly, there shouldn’t be so many tests and exams. I wish there were more excursions and that the lessons were more exciting. As an example for that: Children should be integrated into the teaching. My recommendation were have more one-on-one time with teachers and
two have more hands-on work in the classrooms I would recommend more breaks between lessons. For example, if you are learning non-stop for five hours, you get tired and you can’t remember very well. And I would recommend that teachers aren’t so formal and that they listen more to children. I recommended more breaks because if you’re tired in the early
morning it’s better for you to get at least 5 minutes to refresh up use the restroom, get a drink, play outside so when you’re inside you get calmer and you’re very still up and flowing In school sometimes, teachers, they can talk a lot and it can get very boring and it’s really nice to you know, take a little break. And my second recommendation is it’s nice to go outside cos we could get we need to get some energy rid of because we might be really hyper in the class so maybe they can just take us outside and we can loose some of that energy and we can learn. And my third recommendation is more field trips cos they’re fun