What to Pack for International Students | Karen Acosta | University of Lincoln

September 29, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Hello guys and welcome back to another video.
I’m Karen and in today’s video I will guide you a little bit on how or more
exactly what to pack when you are going to study abroad. From my personal
experience I over-packed, I brought with me about three luggage and that is too
much. I was thinking what if I don’t find this, what if there is too expensive over
there. What if… So just think about what you really need for the first few weeks or
the first month like the essentials. You can always buy more stuff once you are
settled so please do not over pack like I did. So this video is to help you not
to repeat the mistake that I made so let’s get packing. Make sure you pack all
important documents such as Passport, your university offer letter or any
transcripts you might need for uni. Don’t forget your camera, some cash in
British pounds, your phone, laptop and the chargers. Remember for any technology item that you will bring, make sure you have the necessary adaptor or for your
chargers maybe you need a special charger in the airport. You don’t want to
be like struggling but if you can’t find one in your home country, don’t worry
here in the UK you can find universal Pack a book to read on the plane and a journal to make any notes. Include an outfit in case of an emergency, travel-sized toiletries and any medicine
you might need. For your main luggage remember to roll your clothes so you
have more space, also take into account the changing weather. You will want to
pack a few comfortable shoes including a pair for any special occasion. For winter,
pack some sweaters, jeans scarves, hats and gloves. So this is a funny one, in
Colombia we don’t have winter and when it is cold I can wear my scarves from Colombia, but the scarves that I brought from there, are useless here. They really don’t help. So if you are coming from a country where it is really
cold and you have the proper clothing, then bring them if you
feel comfortable that they will be useful. But if not, then just wait until you get here and you can you buy a proper scarf, or proper gloves or a proper winter jacket because that’s what I had
to do. I over packed in the first place and then what I brought really didn’t
help much. l had to buy more things. So yeah, do not make that mistake. For summer, include some tops, shorts and dress, as well as your swimming suit. For spring you will need long sleeve tops
and light jackets. And last but not least, some underwear, pijamas and warm socks. And finally don’t forget to bring any personal items that you think you will
miss or anything that will remind you home such as special photos or anything
else. But make sure it doesn’t occupy too much space in your luggage. And that’s it guys, thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you find it really helpful. Let us know if we missed anything, any special item. I will see you on a next video for Student Life. Bye!