What to bring to university (international student perspective)

September 10, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Yeah definitely pictures is a big
one for me, like having pictures of my friends,
family and dog were very important when I moved here. I like putting them up on
my pin board and like just feels like a bit of home is there with you. And it’s
really nice to wake up and see like a familiar face. You’re bound to get
homesick at some point so it’s nice to have these things that kind of ground
you. I wish I’d realised that before I came to uni because like the first time
I was coming here my top priorities were right I need to take all my books with
me, all my clothes, buy stationary even though I could easily buy it here but it’s
these things that you think of first and then actually like no it’s the other
stuff that matters more and like you can buy the rest of it just here. Because I
thought like obviously first it’s like moving to a completely new country so
you can’t really bring all your stuff with you. I probably should have gotten a
lot of things from here as well because it’s quite like affordable and it’s just