Western University FOCO 2019 (Official Video)

October 10, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Did you make decisions that your mother wouldn’t be proud of? Probably. -My mom’s a fuckin party animal. Shout out to Shelly dog Shoutout to Shelly! I’m from Laurier, fuck Laurier I’m going to Western now bitch! Well uh, have a great day guys. What is up Western? I’m Josette and I’m Nic. and today we’re getting wet and wild on Broughdale! It’s a bit rainy but is a full send anyways, let’s see what’s happenin. How are you guys doing today? SO GOOD! WHOOOOOO! So good! What do you guys do when you woke up this morning? TOOK A SHOT! What did you guys do this morning to prepare? I BRUSHED MY TEEH! I took a shower You take a shower with a lot of water. I took a shower. Okay. I made pancake. She made pancakes! A nd I drank some water JELL-O SHOTS! had some mimosa’s, had a lot of liquor. Shots. Champagne. 6:30 in the morning. That was just a flurry of answers Did anyone yak yet? Nooo. I’m so proud of you. Do you guys have any big plans for your last FOCO? Yes! We’re going to Broughdale, We’re going to enjoy the day we’re going to be respectfully of all the neighbours. Are you guys attending purple fest this year? Of course. Swervin’, how you look so perfect on your worst days. Double C your purses you deserve it. How are you guys feeling about purple fest? Um, good? But like, fuck A$AP. Bro, A$AP’s not even going. Fuck rappers. Are you guys going to purple fest? Noo. No, Rocky cancelled. I’m headlining actually. Can you show the camera what you’re made of? I love bad bitches that’s my fucking problem. I still love you A$AP but like you know what, just come next time. FUCK A$AP ROCKY! Is it sad boy hours right now because he canceled? Sad boy hours. I knew this would happen I’m smart. Are you guys making decisions that your mother would be proud of? Yes, of course, always thinking of our mother first. Yes. Did you make decisions that your mother wouldn’t be proud of? Yes! my mom’s a fuckin party animal Shout out to Shelly dog Shout out to Shelly! Our friend over here has a message… Let’s go Queens University! NOPE. NOPE. nope. You guys are all fucking fake if you don’t know who Western’s playing today and football. Who knows? Is it York? No it starts with a W. Waterloo! No. -Fuck. Western? -No, you guys are not playing yourself. Do you guys even know who’s playing in the homecoming game against Western? A Boogie? A Boogie, he is playing on the football team now guys. A Boogie. Probably Queens, fuck Queens. No, I go to Queens. Laurie- Oh what the fuck you’re from Queens?! Ya! Oh FUCK. Queens mans are here. You heard it here first, Western is better. AHHHHHH! We’re playing Windsor today. Do you think we’re gonna win? I hope so. Yes? Well, obviously. Tell us about your FOCO look for the day. FOCO Luck? Look, look! James Charles palette, Trust Me Purple. Take it all the way. When was Western founded? Ouuuu, 1874? 1967? That’s not it. 1879? 1879? -1876? You already sa- OH 1878? Boom. What is our mascot? A mustang? Even people from Denmark know what our mascot is. Let’s go. Who’s our president? Donald Trump! Trudeau. It was Amit Chakma -Alan Sheppard. How many readings did you have to do last night to prepare for like, this moring? Zero! I’m going to Weldon tonight. Okay, Weldon tonight that’s where it’s at. I’m from Laurier. Fuck Laurier, I’m going to Western now bitch. Well uh, have a great day. Rain or shine Western students will never stop sending it! Unfortunately, Nic already got caught up in the send and I am about to immerse myself, in the full send. And as always Western, if you liked what you saw, be sure to check out any of our other videos and make sure you like share and subscribe. Catch you next time Western!