Voice of Reallusion Education – Beijing University of Technology

October 1, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Well, I believe that iClone is a tool that can help students learn to produce fast animations. It doesn’t seem like an advantage of iClone. Actually, our students in mainland China only learn the process but cannot achieve any result. Software like 3ds Max and Maya are very difficult and time-consuming for students. If the students spend lots of time on modeling, texture, lighting, animation and so on Then they will have already graduated before they can master all these skills, sparing no time for animation. In contrast, iClone aims at producing fast animations. The software takes care of pre-production work like modeling, texture, lighting, animation and so on It is beneficial for yielding production results. I asked them (3D animation teachers) a question. Assume that we have 65 students in our department in the next four years you make an effort to teach them 3ds Max how many of them can make an animation when they graduate? “about 3 to 5” Don’t you think it is unfair for the other students? As a matter of fact, the teachers are also unwilling to see this happen But if we use iClone, Then the students can see results within half a semester It allows the students to produce Then we spend half a year to guide them and inspire them to make better works Why do we have to use 3ds Max or Maya to teach animation? The software is a welcome among students They are willing to use it Especially the students in the engineering department They have creative ability and ideas They want to make animations but have no time for 3ds Max and Maya So I believe that iClone is very suitable, especially for the students from the engineering department The team is made up of three self-taught students They did not receive any instruction from our teachers We just told them that there was a great software named iClone. They began to learn by themselves. Before the competition, our guiding teacher and the three self-taught students had a discussion about the script. And I believe we won the competition because we had a better script. It has more of an open-ended perspective than a student’s perspective It is also apprehensible for people and foreigners. I believe this software can do more than art animation. It has a wide range of uses. As I said during different speeches in China animation is an extensive concept not only limited to production from Pixar or Disney. Actually, animation can be extended to social and natural sciences. There are lots of knowledge and concepts for science and research that can be visualized with the help of animation. Therefore, as I said we should leave the pure art animation to the Animation College of Beijing Film Academy or the Communication University of China, let their students explore and study. While the other universities should expand their perspectives, apply animation in social and natural sciences, Visualize the knowledge and concepts in social and natural sciences In this way, I believe animation will have a broader application, domestic animation education will shake off the current difficulties, Students who learn animation will have a wider career selection. If you find out that the education orientation of your college is not to cultivate animation artists or the so-called pioneers in the animation industry, but to produce producers or designer of animations, then you should learn iClone with heart and soul. The key point is to yield numerous works.