UWA International Student Experience

September 7, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

I’m Mez, I’m an international student from
Malaysia. I’m currently doing a Bachelor of Science majoring in genetics, microbiology
and immunology, currently doing my honours. Student life here is really great; because
it’s also an international place there are so many other people from all over the world
that come here and you learn their culture, what they do, where they come from — it broadens
your mind. Day-to-day life, you would wake up, go for breakfast, hang out with friends,
talk to friends and go to uni, go for lectures, get a bit of studying done through the day.
At night, go for dinner; maybe your friends want to hang out, go to the beach during the
afternoons and weekends. UniHall has changed me a lot; I have learned so much in the past
3.5 years than I have probably my entire life and it really has developed me into the person
I am today. Hi, I’m Ellen; I’m an international student
from Thailand. I’m currently studying Doctor of Medicine here at UWA. So, Perth is located
on the western coast of Australia; it’s about a five-hour flight from Singapore and it’s
really close to all other parts of Asia. People here are so warm and so friendly, and I’m
really lucky to have met friends and colleagues in the course who are so supportive — I can’t
put in to words how vibrant college life is! It’s the cultural diversity, it’s really the
people you meet and the things you do — they give me memories that I’ll treasure for the
rest of my life. My name is Yasmin, I’m a third year exchange
student from the University of Exeter in the UK. Back at home I studied Psychology and
Drama, but out here I study Social Sciences. For me, one of the best experiences about
being a student here is living in a residential college, and the best thing about that is
being in close proximity with people of different ages, backgrounds, cultures, ways of life,
there’s always something going on that makes the student experience really enriching. In
terms of lifestyle, I found out that Perth had the lifestyle that I wanted, which is
very laid-back. I get to go to the beach after classes and that’s exactly what I wanted.
And then I fell in love with the campus and the idea of the greenery, living right next
to the river and the CBD at the same time as well. I have a wider view of things rather
than having a narrow vision of situations; I encompass the whole thing and take into
account everything; that’s something that coming to college has really taught me to
do. I’m really happy; I’m in such a beautiful city with a lot of people who are really,
really kind, and all the support and help I’ve got as well in these years has really
made me feel like I’m so lucky to have found this place as my home.