UST MN Private Colleges Job and Internship Fair Orientation Webinar 2015

September 26, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

This webinar is the substitute for attending
the required live Orientation Session to be eligible to register for the Job and the Internship
Fair. If you have previously attended the Minnesota
Private College Job and Internship Fair, not just an Information Session, you can turn
off the webinar. Proceed to the Career Development Center,
123 and discuss with the receptionist to see if your name is on the list of students who
have previously attended the Job Fair. If so, you can pick up the registration materials
without viewing this presentation. If you have not previously attended the Job
or Internship Fair you will need to view this video and complete the quiz. You need to print the handouts for this session
which include the Information Session packet, the quiz and the registration form. Welcome! The Job and Internship Fair offers
an opportunity for you to meet with nearly 200 employing organizations representing business,
non-profit, social service, government and scientific organizations. The employers will be meeting with you face-to-face
to recruit for full-time and internship positions. Not all organizations will have vacancies
on the day of the fair, but they may use the fair to collect resumes from qualified candidates
in the event a position would become open. The Minnesota Private Colleges Job and Internship
Fair is an event open to currently enrolled UNDERGRADUATE only students. The fair is co-sponsored by the 17 Private
Colleges in Minnesota and the schools have established the criteria for attendees. No alumni, with the exception of December
2014 grads, may attend and no graduate students are permitted to register. Employers attending the fair have consistently
given feedback on the population they wish to recruit at this fair and we follow their
recommendations for participation. Make certain that you complete the quiz and
contact form as official record of your “attendance” at this Information Session. The Minnesota Private Colleges Job and Internship
Fair is in its 38th year with a long track record of success. The 17 Private Schools in Minnesota, along
with the Minnesota Private College Council, offer this opportunity for students and employers
to meet in this face to face format making connections to discuss and interview for full-time
and internship positions. Where is the fair held? The Fair will be held
at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Wednesday, February 18 and Thursday the 19 of 2015 On page 2 of your handout is the schedule
of events for the two days. The two day schedule includes time for mingling as well as interviews.
In your handout is the outline for the schedule. The first day of the fair is the ONLY day
of the open floor time which occurs from 9:00-3:00. Students can enter the Exhibit Hall to meet
with as many employers as possible to present themselves and distribute resumes. During this time, employers will expect students
to initiate conversations about why they want to work for them and what positions are of
interest. To prepare for this portion of the day it
is recommended that you attend a live session or view the webinar, “Job and Internship Fair
Success Tactics.” This can be found on the Career Development
Center website as well as the YouTube Videos on the Job Fair webpage. The fair offers opportunities to interview
on day one and day two. There is time set aside for individual interviews by many employers. Some employers have a separate space reserved
to conduct the one on one interviews away from the exhibit hall booth. There are 3 ways to arrange a one on one interview. First, you may contact the organizations prior
to attending the fair starting in January to inform them of your interest in their organization
and you could pre-arrange an interview before you even attend the fair. Second, you can post your resume on the Job
Fair website, listed as item #3 on the cover page of your handout, allowing employers to
screen your resume prior to the fair and initiate a contact requesting an interview. Third, during the open booth time an employer
may offer you an interview and instruct you to their interview area at a specified time. The first day also offers opportunities to
hear from employers. At 10:00 and 11:30 there will be different
topics in regards to scientific organization and medical careers. Students from all majors and career fields
are encouraged to attend and learn more about this growing industry. Another panel on Analytical Careers will be
offered at 1:00. Some of the organizations on the panels will
also be participating in the fair. Continuing on with the schedule of events,
Day 2 offers opportunities for individual interviews only. There is no open booth time on Day 2. The
individual interviews will occur from 8:30 to 4:00. As noted on page 2 in your handout, there
will be a FREE shuttle bus provided on Wednesday, the first day of the fair, from 8am-5:15pm. This will allow you to come and go throughout
the day without the hassle or expense of parking. Specific pick-up and drop off locations will
be emailed to you a week prior to the fair. If you have an interview on the second day
you will need to provide your own transportation, you may consider using the UST Minneapolis
Shuttle bus as it is an easy walk to the Convention Center. When arriving at the Fair your first stop
will be the UST table in the lobby. You can pick up your name badge and a map
of the employer booth layout There is a student lounge available where
a free coat check for coats and backpacks is available for students throughout the day. You may use this room to review the employer
booth layout and get a plan of attack ready before entering the exhibit hall or use it
throughout the day for a space to put your feet up and take a breath. There is no food or beverage provided to students
at this event. One of the questions often asked of students
prior to registering for the Fair is “what employers will be attending the Fair and for
what types of positions”? The website listed on the front page of your
handout will give the most current list of employers planning to attend. Use the student tab to search for employers,
as the employer tab is used for their registration. You can search by company or position. Make use of the site prior to and after registering
to keep current on the available opportunities. You can also download the MNPC Fair Plus app
to have access via iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Some employers may not have available positions
on the day of the fair or offer the types of opportunities you are seeking, but don’t
be discouraged. Keep an open mind and see the fair as a GREAT
chance to present yourself in person instead of via email, voicemail or paper. You may discover positions that were not listed
or get a referral to other contacts at the organization that would have available opportunities. The fair provides face time to meet with employers
to discuss “future possible openings” or to gather contact information so that you can
follow-up after the fair. On page 3 of your hand-out you will find a
list of suggestions from students who have attended the Fair in the past. There is also a YouTube video featuring interviews
with students at the fair giving ideas on what they did to prepare for the fair and
another video with employer recommendations and expectations. The fair is an event that provides you with
an opportunity to meet directly with employers without being screened out. Preparing for the fair will involve some work,
but also ensure a better success while at the fair. Any job or internship search involves hard
work, the work needed for the fair is no different and it gives you the chance to converse with
a wide variety of employers in one location. Use the seminar to learn how to make the most
of your time at the fair. What’s your next step? If you decide to register
for the fair you are required to complete the registration form and turn in the form
with the fee prior to the deadline. If you decide not to attend a refund is available
if you submit the written cancellation form by February 11, 2015. When you pay your registration fee and turn
in a completed form at the Career Development Center, 123 Murray-Herrick, you will be given
a packet titled, “I’m Going to the Fair.” This will give further details on how to prepare
and next steps for the Fair. Keep the materials from this session and the
packet handy for reference until after the Fair. There is also a link the handouts and the
packet on the UST Career Center fair website page. Other next steps include: Have the “I’m Going
to the Fair” packet with you throughout January to reference because there will be emails
sent each week. The emails will give specific ideas for activities
to complete from the workbook to prepare you for the fair. You will also want to view the webinar previously
mentioned, “Job and Internship Fair Success Tactics” or attend the live seminar. Dates or links to the webinar can be found
on the Career Development Center website. The seminar will reference pages in your handout
and provide further explanation on how to prepare for your time at the fair. You will also want to make note to attend
the Job Fair Insider’s Tip panel on Thursday, February 5. A panel of past employers as well as students
will share tips and insights on how to best prepare for the fair and use your time at
the fair successfully. If you are interested in attending the Fair
return to Blackboard for the on-line quiz. Once you pass the quiz you will complete the
contact form to let us know you viewed this webinar, as it substitutes for the required
attendance at an Information Session. If you choose to register, turn in the PAPER
form at the Career Development Center reception desk, 123 Murray-Herrick. Make sure you note the registration deadline
and have the form and fees turned in by the date and time. In addition to the Fair, the Career Development
Center offers a wide array of services to assist students with their job and internship
search. Attend a seminar, practice your interviewing
skills with a mock interview, schedule an appointment to meet individually with a counselor
to discuss your resume or job search, participate in the on-campus interviewing program, refer
to the website for resources, listen to one of the many podcasts or audio guides, join
us on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-in to get the inside information on the latest offerings. This is the link to the videos interviewing
students and employers at the Fair. I suggest that you watch it as it will give
you a visual image of the Fair and recommendations on how to prepare. Each video is less than 3 minutes in length. If you have any questions about the fair or
your attendance at the fair, you can stop back during a pop-in time or schedule an appointment
to meet with a counselor.