University tour – Study in Germany for international students, UNIVERSITY OF MANNHEIM (2019)

October 6, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel as you might have already guessed through the title of this video
is that today I am taking you to the campus tour. I dn’t know if I want to call it as
a campus tour or rather I should call it as a castle tour because my university
is inside the castle actually it was a castle (palace) which has been now converted into
the University, obviously a long time ago but inside the classroom the
infrastructure is really modern and if you can see behind me the building its
architecture is really historical so today I will show you some of the
features and facilities. I will also tell you about my University and I hope you
will enjoy it obviously the place I’m standing right now is not the only
campus. If you are in Mannheim then you know that there are many
libraries present all over the city. Similarly there are classes that is held in other
parts of the city. For this video I will be taking you to the main building, the library and the classroom hopefully. So to begin with I would like
to show you the church where it is said that this student should come here
before the examination so that they can pray to God for the good grades trust
me this is not something that I’m telling you just because I am
Indian or we do it in India here also people do it. So now here is the library which I will
show you from the centre. Obviously you can stand your bicycle here but you have
to ensure that it’s locked properly. Otherwise just don’t expect your cycle
to be there once you will be coming back. Now here these small things you might be
wondering what it is so yeah let me open it and show you, what’s there inside it is
really old and dirty but still I will be basically telling you about it when I
came and during my induction (orientation week) it was told to me that this entire university the
ground that you are seeing below it it has a bunker where people used to
sleep during the World War. This is how the university looks like from the
center and opposite to this building is our city centre and that’s why I always
recommend student to live near the city or the university so they’re not
wasting their time or energy and yeah obviously money but if the ticket is
included in your administration fee then definitely you’re not wasting
your money in the transportation then. This here on the right is your Law
library and in the centre there is a museum which I will show. Definitely, I won’t be able to get inside it and there in the left side is the cafe where
people are sitting outside it and then if I will pass it then there is the library for
business school student and over there in the corner is where we have most of our
classes. So let’s go there. Behind me is the museum there is the centre of it and we have the law
library over there I’m sure you have recognised him who is standing behind me
in one of my video on weird experience in the German university. So this is the
museum and it opens for free sometimes not all the time you have to actually
get a ticket for that but a very fun fact is that somebody told me if the
couple kiss at the entrance of the door then the entrance is free I’m not
sure with how much it’s true but if you’re coming to university of Mannheim then you might want to try it and if you don’t have anyone then you
will get someone okay so I entered a place where we have classrooms and in front of the classroom opposite to it there are notice board in which you
will find sometimes jobs or other information on workshops so in this board
there is no job opening but usually you get it. Now let me take you inside the
classroom (lecture room). But I think there is a class (lecture) that is going on inside it because I am
standing in front of the class so let me tell you that how you can check this
schedule it’s really very easy so this is the lecture hall and you can see the code then the
days and the class schedule. Because there is a class going inside
so I don’t really want to disturb them let’s see which lecture is it basically there is a German lecture
going on. So this building that you are seeing which we just came across is the place that held interviews during the time of career fair Now I am taking you to the EO cafe. So here again we have our VRN next bike
about which I have already spoken in my “how to save money ” video if you haven’t watched
it please do watch because this bike can save you a lot. So the first 30
minutes of this bike ride is free and have their stands present in almost all
part of the city Now let me take you to the business school library. So I’m right now at the locker room and here I will show you how
you can use the locker so the locker at the end that are open is for the general
public because it’s a public university anyone can use a library as well and
here I’m putting my stuff in and using my student card I will also lock this
locker please bare in mind that you’re not allowed to carry jacket or food
items inside the library so you might want to use a locker to put it in there. Now this is a library and you have to use this basket to carry your belongings
like phone stationery and laptop inside then here is a sitting area and upstairs
we have the books so over here you can also do the group discussion and at the
end we even have the photocopy and print out machine over here right at the entrance of the BWL
library and between the info centre we have this space known as Schneckenhof which holds every Thursday during the summer time really popular fest since
1970 the most popular one is known as Norwegian party. So here you can see they
are preparing for the party tonight tickets are sold in the campus I will
take you to that place right now after this. Basically this is the notice board
where they display the jobs and many other events. So guys if you have remembered this is the same
classroom (lecture hall) where I have filmed my weird experience in German university if you
haven’t watched that video which I was even mentioning a while ago then you
might want to check it I will leave the link in the card or in the description
box so basically what I want to tell you is that in my university it has been
divided in various wings like according to the directions so east/west is that
the place where I have actually started this video is the center and if you go
towards East this is the part where you will have most of the operations and
management masters business and economics finance marketing and
informatics class but there are very less informatics mostly it’s the
business lectures that is held in the East Wing and if you go from the center
towards the west you will get the library the law library and then you
have Mensa cafe. In case someone from Mannheim is watching it and if in case I
am saying something wrong then do let me know in the comment section and if you
have enjoyed my video then also let me know in the comment or just simply say
hi so this is how the big lecture hall looks like and in the same lecture hall
we even have our examination and they ask you to sit leaving one seat so there
is no chance of cheating even because the examination duration is really less some
time 45 to 60 minutes which is quite less to fill the long master’s degree
level answer sheet. I always used to sit in front for the better focus and
concentration as I already told you in one of my videos this is a reason how I
was even able to concentrate and remember the stuff and obviously it’s
all your call in case you want to sit in the back or if you are coming late
which I won’t advise. It’s quite embarrassing because people here in
Germany are quite time discipline and they come on time so even if you
have classes at 8 o clock try to be on time and yeah so let me show you how
the lecture room is and then I will take with the other seminar rooms. So
this is the professor table from where he address to the class and here he even has a drinking water so that’s the good thing that I’ve seen. It is the first time
that I am coming at this level but obviously during the presentation you
have to stand and give the presentation from here and this is the presentation
board with Green board and chalks. So here how they just insert the USB and see their
presentation and this is how they do the sums and calculation on real time and
can show them in the presentation over there on the whiteboard. I don’t know
why that blue circle is there, then here we have dust bins and heating
then big windows and beside that those things that are lying there postcards
mostly you will get many of such things lying on your desk so it’s a kind of a
promotion, in case there is some special events which you can attend
sometimes they even tell you when the company is visiting the campus. So you
might want to check that because it’s good for your job here you have some
notes lying here which I’m sure is for free because usually you have to buy
but obviously sometimes they even rotate the handout for free. This is like a
schedule on marketing cool so I think I have covered enough of the lecture hall
and you will now got the idea of it so it’s quite a big class and the
lectures here are less interactive therefore I would advise you in case you
have any problem then you might want to raise the question then and there during
the lecture time or you can even take out the appointment by emailing the
professor This seminar place is one of the medium-sized space where we have most of the events where the companies come and
address so yeah now here we have small seminar rooms so there is a notice board
from Studium Generale it is one of the companies that actually teaches German
language and they even have decorated the entire gallery with old pictures which
is quite good and here you can see what seminar rooms are there So here is the name of the seminar room and a little
about it and the schedule of the classes so this is my class for marketing so I
really have good memories with this class because we had made lots of
presentations and presented it in front of this small batch and we even had the
examination of the same course over here so yeah this is how it looks from the
back seminar room drinking water facility because in Germany you can
drink water from any tap chalks and duster green board and the desktop then the
presentation board and outside here street so I hope you’re enjoying this tour
now let me show you what is there on the top of this building because there is
something interesting waiting for you to see. So far you have seen
that the classes from inside is really high-tech from outside it represents
some ERA….. so why they don’t have anything inside
here we have it you can see all these roman-era popular
statues now let me take you to the study space and I will show you how you can
top-up your student ID card to pay in Mensa (canteen) and for printouts so here is one
of the top-up machine you need your student ID card and you can insert it in
here with the banknote you simply need to first log in with your ID and
password and then enter the amount that’s it, it’s that simple.
So outside the study space we have two locker rooms but to enter these study
space you don’t need to leave your bag or jacket over here you can carry that
inside but following the study space we have the library therefore in case the
first locker room that I showed you is full then you can use these ones. This is
the study space you can do group discussion or simply can come and do
your assignments over here so that’s it for today it’s already been a really
long video I will show you maybe in some other video if you want the Mensa (canteen) the
cafe in detail. So let me know in the comment section until then take care bye