University of Rochester in Arezzo, Italy

October 7, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

[music] – One of our goals at the
University of Rochester is to make sure our students
have a really global experience and the Arezzo program
creates that opportunity. Students can study abroad and live in another culture
for an entire semester. – Here in Arezzo, being able to be abroad for a full semester really
gave me the experience I was looking for. I’ve made friends who I think
I’ll keep for a long time not only within the program
but also Italian students so I’m really grateful for that opportunity. – The Arezzo program
is a unique opportunity where you get truly immersed in Italian culture Italian life, Italian history. [music] – I would totally recommend this program to anyone that wants to come to Italy learn Italian Because this is the place to do it. – I’m an engineer and science major so it was amazing to get more of a cultural background in something that I’m not familiar with. I would encourage anyone to
come on the Arezzo program because it’s just an amazing
way to interact with the locals and to really see a lot of Italy. You get to go to Rome and Naples and its just an amazing way to understand a lot about the
culture and its context and to also learn Italian
while you’re here. – The study abroad program
is unlike all the others. This is directly through the university. It’s university staff,
university professors. It counts towards clusters. So I’ve completed my entire humanities cluster while I was here. – So the program has a
component of history, a component of literature,
a component of art, a component of ancient monuments because that’s part of the
wealth of this territory. We wanted the student to go abroad and do things that could
not be done the same way in the United States or on campus. The program includes
Italian language, of course. You cannot go abroad without
this primary objective because the language is
the window to the culture. So the more you know about the language, the more you can penetrate the culture. – Probably one of the most important and defining features of the program are study-related site visits. And over the years we’ve
gone from Sicily to Venice and explored countless
ancient and modern cities, archaeological sites, museums, castles. – Remember what I mentioned before that every time you do an excavation, you are removing the years
in order to reach the particular layer and for
a particular objective. – This year we will be
beginning our journey by diving in to the age of Dante and looking into the life
of Francis from Assisi and immediately after that
we’ll be leaving for Rome and spending two weeks investigating ancient structures in the eternal city and in southern Italy. [music]