University of Leeds – Discover our vibrant campus for International Students

October 6, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

[MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Abeer,
and I am from Jordan. I chose Leeds because
I wanted to be able to mingle with locals
and international students, but I also wanted
to feel the culture and immerse myself in it. I like the fact that
it’s a youth environment, in which everyone
is young, there’s a lot of fun going around. You never feel like an outsider. You fit in very
easily and very fast. The university is
very beautiful. I would say one of the
most beautiful campuses I’ve seen in the UK. There is a lot of
things going on. The Union has a lot of
societies and the university is always alive. And there’s a lot of
areas in which students can sit and relax. The buildings are very
fascinating because they’re old, but from inside
they’re very modern. You have all
faculties, libraries, even the gym, everything
is in one place, making it easy for the student
to feel the vibes of being a student with other people. And it’s very close to
the city centre as well. If I had to summarise
my year in Leeds, I would say the
most educational, informative, fruitful
year of my life. [MUSIC PLAYING]