University of California, San Francisco Radiology Lindsay Busby, MD, MPH T32 Program

November 7, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

My name’s Lindsay Busby. I’m a PGY 5 radiology
resident as UC San Francisco and I’m also completing a T32
NIH funded training grant. I’m working with Dr. Michael Ohliger and we are looking at the feasibility of using a novel PET agent to image women with ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is something
that’s typically detected at a very late stage. We don’t currently have any
useful imaging screening tools or molecular screening tools. And so, we’re hoping
that this new PET agent that we’re using might have
an increased sensitivity or specificity for
detecting ovarian cancer. Currently, this agent’s
only ever been used to image patients with prostate cancer but what our suspicion is, is that it will actually be a potentially
useful and novel tool to image patients with
ovarian cancer as well. So, one of the great things
about the T32 program is it provides the funding and opportunity to take additional
courses that can be used to further my research
and develop new skills. So, we get to take
courses in epidemiology, statistics, and research design. I took an additional course
in medical informatics because this is one of the
things that’s sort of up and coming in radiology
as medical informatics, artificial intelligence are
all big, new interesting topic. These classes were a
really great opportunity for me to develop my research skills and hopefully something
that’s gonna be applicable to a future in academic radiology.