University of California, Riverside, International Education Programs

October 6, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

UC, Riverside Extension gives those who are not full-time students the opportunity to continue their education and to gain access to the wealth of research and applied knowledge the university has to offer. Since 1975, UC, Riverside Extension’s International Education Programs has provided high-quality English language programs, academic programs and professional training programs to more than 50,000 students from over 100 different countries. IEP has one of the largest English language programs in the United States. I could have learned English in Thailand, but it would never be the same. In here, you can interact with native speakers and you can also experience the American culture. If you want to pursue the international education experience, UCR is the place to go. The program helped me very much. I learned a lot from the class. I learned a lot also from the students. They come from different countries. They have different cultures and I learned a lot from them and I think the course will help me a lot to face the challenges of my career. The instructors are very good. They are very well-prepared. There are not only teachers from the university, but also professionals from the real world, so we don’t learn only from the theory, but also from the practical world. The International Residence Center is conveniently located in the UC, Riverside Extension Center. It features large, comfortable, furnished air-conditioned rooms with private bathroom, free high-speed internet service telephone and television. Laundry facilities and a full-service cafeteria are located within the building and an optional meal plan can be purchased separately. Students may choose to stay in single, double or triple occupancy rooms. Special activities such as camping trips, hiking, movies, parties, barbecues and more are organized for IRC students. Conveniently located across from the IRC, is the University Village. The Village has entertainment, restaurants, retail shops and ten movie theaters. The rooms at the IRC are available year-round. All the teachers are very friendly and very helpful for anytime. When I have some questions, I can visit them anytime I want and they’re very good at explaining everything. Very clear. Actually, today I have to write essay. So it’s really hard. Sometimes I want to give up, but I know it’s very helpful and I can see my English improve, so it’s really good! We look forward to receiving your application!