UEA Chevening Scholars  | University of East Anglia (UEA)

UEA Chevening Scholars | University of East Anglia (UEA)

October 17, 2019 1 By Stanley Isaacs

My name is Amy flora Mills I’m from Ghana
and I’m studying media and international development at UEA
hi my name is Hubert I am from Guyana and I’m studying LLM in international
trade law my name is Khava I’m coming from Chechnya it’s a republic
in Russia and I’m doing gender analysis and international development here. My
name is Grace I’m from Kenya and I’m studying my Masters in international
development. My name is Petrina andI’m from Malaysia doing a master’s in creative
entrepreneurship So I chose UEA because the school of
development is one of the best in the UK One of the things that I think really
sort of sold me on the UEA was the sort of good communication I had with them
and I think that that is what my experience has been like you know being
able to have that sort of good communication and I think that’s
important especially when you’re coming from a foreign country. And you know you
really want to get the best out of your degree I’ve chosen you a because I
really like the structure of the course. When I was applying for the Chevening
scholarship I had to choose three universities and UEA was my priority
University because the course that I found here on gender it was like nowhere
else I chose to apply to UEA me because it has a wonderful massive curriculum
especially International Development I looked at the course profile and it gave
me what I wanted to study and it it tackles a broad area subject that I
knew that I would use for my future career prospects. I applied to UEA
because it was the first University in the world who have this Masters in
creative entrepreneurship it was actually started by the very same man
who I’m learning from now like my supervisor
Ian Chance and from what I read in doing my research on the universities one of
the best programs in the country so naturally I chose this.
I love the course I love the lecturer I love the accommodation actually.
I’ve got accommodation at the UEA village and they really mix nationalities well
because we are all different from different races different backgrounds
and when we plan to cook and have dinner we really get to share a lot so that’s
something I love. And the library! It’s 24 hours I can actually sleep there!
The course was wonderful it was even better than I expected it to be. The
staff is always supportive and friendly and of course it was really important
for me to have very supportive people around me as well I mean friends who
were the same course as me or other courses as well who were sharing the same
modules Arriving in Norwich I didn’t know
anybody you know, I’ve never been to the city, I’ve never heard of the place before
and coming in here was, you know I had some misgivings about it but I can
say with confidence that especially being part of the Chevening family here at UEA I found myself in the middle of a group of people so diverse, so brilliant in what
they do, warm and welcoming UEA has been more than just a campus
it’s been a family, a second home so yeah, I love everything about it I’d do this
again had me If there’s anyone thinking of applying
for a scholarship, a Chevening scholarship here at UEA I would say go for it. I mean
it’s a great experience you’re never going to regret it
the Chevening community is a network of really ambitious smart young people who
are the leaders of today and tomorrow and so you can only help to build your
own develop your own self as well as contribute to their development so I
think it’s a really great opportunity and so you know, just go for it.