U.S. Elections 2016: Eric’s Election Encounter at Loyola College in Chennai

August 24, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Today, I am at Loyola College,
one of the oldest in Chennai talking with a diverse group of
people about the first U.S. Presidential debate. Which candidate seems more Presidential to you? Absolutely Hillary. I think Hillary Clinton is the person. Because the way she is expressing herself,
she shows a lot of confidence in the way she is saying. Hillary. The way she answered for the question
which she was asked on economy …ah…she was very… very much factual. At least Trump is open about
whatever he is ah… speaking about. Ah…I would go for Hillary. I like Trump’s speech. It seems to be… you know…
he is open-minded. He is speaking from his heart. She carried herself much better. She knew facts and figures. Who had the best one-liner of the evening? Ah… It is hilarious and revolutionary trumpet. Best one-liners? Ah…ha…I would go for Trump any day. Best one-liner? That’s difficult to say now. (Laughter) Hillary. Just the shrug of her shoulder going hoo…it was like… Maybe Trump had a good one-liner,
but again, it’s too tough to say at this point. Who won the debate? Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary I’m supporting Hillary Supporter of Hillary Hillary Hillary Always Hillary Hillary Trump According to me, Trump. Who won the debate? Trump I thought Hillary Clinton out beat him in this
first Presidential debate. What a great discussion! I heard a lot of really interesting opinions,
a lot of different perspectives. What a fantastic experience this was
coming out of the first Presidential debate. I look forward to meeting with
you in your neighborhood soon!