TVJ Midday News: Police Force Improvements |  UTech Staff Protest Non payment – October 25 2019

TVJ Midday News: Police Force Improvements | UTech Staff Protest Non payment – October 25 2019

October 26, 2019 21 By Stanley Isaacs

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news for this Friday October 25 a special welcome if you are watching
on one spot Mediacom academic staff at the University all the technology you
Tec will have to wait longer to receive retroactive payments for the 2018-2019
fiscal year they have been off the job since yesterday to protest non-payment
the union says the payments were agreed to in a heads of agreement meeting for
2015-2017 new tech president professor Stephen bossy on e says the academic
staff union acted prematurely by instructing its members to strike he
says the university is awaiting funds from the government management of the
university has informed the union that the union will receive that payment
within one month of receipt by us of the money so we are awaiting the money and
the union is in my view acting prematurely in taking industrial action
as then kliebert Langley took issue with a time frame in which the university
chose to highlight problems in paying retroactive monies if it is that there
was a difficulty one would have expected that this would have been communicated
the communication was and yesterday October 24th and I received it at 2:30
that is a clear 24 days after we wrote to the management and so it is it is
unacceptable that we have an agreement and and and and it took so long for the
management to respond in response to Professor bastiana statement that they
are awaiting funds mr. Langley says the agreement had nothing to do with an
external entity there is an expectation in it without
with a contract by an employee that is that the employer will pay them that is
the expectation that we have as an academic staff you know a renewed
commitment from police commissioner major-general Anthony Anderson for
improvements throughout the police force the commissioner has announced new
facilities structural renovations and new training methods TVJ Sprint’s more
reports short staff and a lack of vehicles those are some of the issues
members of the Jamaica Constabulary force have been grappling with for years
but Commission of Police Major General Anthony Anderson listed several plans to
fix the problems over the next few months firstly several dilapidated
buildings used as police stations will be refurbished and those are also spring
was up flagstone and some work at Falmouth and then from the next
financial year we’re looking at Duncan’s he says two new training facilities are
to be opened soon one in T mercs st. James and the other in tranquility base
st. Elizabeth that is expected to almost triple the number of recruits trained
yearly so very soon by next year we’ll have the material that our officers need
to know online so they can access it where they are rather than us having to
pull them in with their knowledge increasing you’re gonna get increased
confidence confident officers police a particular way the police with
confidence they understand they police with understanding and they police with
solutions changes are also expected in the police’s interactions with the
public and we’re also working very diligently to make sure that the force
is the type of force with the members in it
that our world-leading of your estate and there’s one way a good way of
getting some respect is to give respect so we require that that is a requirement
and if it’s not happening we can we’re gonna fix it
the police commissioner was addressing residents at the Falmouth stop of his
tone whole series on Wednesday Prince more TVJ news the police are probing a
shooting incident in Port Antonio Portland Thursday night which has left
one man hospitalized it’s understood that minutes after 10:00 o’clock several
persons were in a bar on William Street when loud explosions were heard and
eyewitness recalls what he saw the honda stream was driving waiting on somebody
and somebody that commandest Necron shot I don’t know when they should have that
but this we cannot turn back over one year shortly after it was discovered
that a man was injured he had what appeared to be a gunshot wound to one of
his shoulders the injured man was rushed to the pradhan Tony hospital where he
was treated and released the Transport Authority has launched a
probe into Wednesday’s incident in which a taxi slammed into two pedestrians on
eastwood park road in Saint Andrew they say the investigation is to determine
whether sanctions should be brought against the owner of the taxi
communications manager Patrick in Williams says information is being
gathered on the incident the transporter heart is aware of the incident and we
are currently on the taking and investigation into the muscle we have
been in dialogue with the police because there are some information that we need
to get from them in order to further our investigation so we are in that process
and where necessary we will apply the appropriate penalties what we need to
ascertain all the details are on in the accident and also details in terms of
what we would have the owners information once you get like the
registration plate and you know just to look at what happened and where what
sanctions need to be applied to the owner of the vehicle or the driver the
taxi driver George Malcolm was arrested about three o’clock yesterday afternoon
and he fled after the vehicle hit a man and a woman near the halfway tree
transport center they have been hospitalized in serious condition
preliminary investigations indicate that speeding led to the incident mr. Malcolm
was reportedly driving a Toyota probox when he swerved to avoid a parked
vehicle and hit the two persons on the sidewalk TVJ News was informed that
earlier this year mr. Malcolm was charged with dangerous driving he
reportedly pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of careless driving meanwhile the
police are searching for another man believed to be the driver of the vehicle
which slammed into the two pedestrians he is Chad Ingram of essential village
address in st. Catherine acting head of the Public Safety and traffic
enforcement branch Senior Superintendent Garry McCarthy says mr. Ingram also has
70 unpaid traffic tickets Prime Minister Andrew Holness says he’s
seeking to deepen the country’s relationship with the China in the area
of trade Jamaica at the groundbreaking ceremony that’s a prime minister and he
was at the new Children’s Hospital in Western Jamaica mr. horn has pointed to
opportunities for Jamaican exports to China that and more will be explored
when he visits the country early next month
Jamaica most fine things to sell to China you know we have such a robust and
well established Chinese community in Jamaica right here in Montego Bay we
need to start to explore with them what are the areas in which we have
competitive advantage and comparative advantage that we can produce here and
send to China meanwhile mr. horn s commented on the temporary closure of
I’ll part which is being run by Chinese company Jaquan iron and steel disco a
symptom of not maintaining plant was there in mothballs for how many years
planters reaches useful life you can’t keep operating that plant as it is it is
just unprofitable so we understand we understand and we are really hoping that
it can be reopened very quickly but we need to find other things to trade I
know we are doing fairly well with seafood that we have reached a point
with that but there are other things as well
and it’s time a brick but stay with us more stories
right after these messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news small farmers in North East Manchester are raising concerns about
several issues threatening their livelihood chief among them is finding
markets for some crops they raised the issue at a recent farmers funding in
Silent Hill where agriculture minister or the Shah promised some assistance TV
J’s Krista Campbell reports it was fun and games for farmers in Silent Hill
Manchester at a recent fair aimed at attracting more young people to the
sector but in reality these farmers say it’s a serious struggle to plant ginger
for instance which was once a booming crop in Silent Hill is now on the
decline opium plant is it spoiled so all of us
if it’s the soil or is the plan we have the border Research Station as well as
the scientific research council that are working on it with us to see if we can
sort all the issues trying to find markets is another challenge 85-year
wood farmer Sylvia Powell Robinson says it’s so bad she sometimes just gives
away her produce star appear on the tree cannot be a known price over than 250 on
some day and even a node a watch I’ll be 150 when you look at them
we are farmer have to be in pain like three thousand dollars a day to work
honey don’t look at me $80 for yum-yum tick is very expensive to prepare the
grown is expensive and conservative don’t get the right prices it’s why
Patric Young wants the government to provide more loans at cheaper interest
rates to help farmers and while the farmers are with the promised help from
the government they also raised concerns about job security good stuff if you
enjoy a 5-man you can have one too yes done one two and sometimes the
two-month to five with Srimati the job counselor for the Craighead division of
North East Manchester oh my Miller who organized the farmers
fund a is optimistic I heard the Member of Parliament who is
the Minister our culture is on a trail right now to get the hotels to take more
produce from from farmers and it is an opportunity for young people to get into
something and to even to get so self sustainability by doing farming krysta
Campbell TVJ news the CEO of the map and hospital in Clarendon is assuring
Jamaica that he has put structures in place to eliminate bed space issues over
the next few years he was speaking following Wednesday’s tour of the
hospital with central Clarendon MP Mike Henry
we have retrofitted the area so that it can host outpatient department so that
we can remove the outpatient department from the inpatient of the hospital on an
average daily basis we have about 35 to 40 patients without beds that is
admitted to the hospital that is behind us no that is history we have space
because the annex that we have just created with the old outpatient
department that no can hold up to about 45 50 people mr. Henry again appealed
for relatives of a persons living at hospitals to retrieve them to free up
more med spaces meanwhile with a solar project and sewer system upgrading the
pipeline mr. Sinclair is appealing for further assistance improvements you have
the peripheral wall that we need donors know to get involve and try to help it’s
between 85 to 100 million dollars just to put up that perfer a wall we have the
pavement for the hospital the internal pavement for driving on that has been
eroded we need help with that and in sports the reggae boys have
achieved their highest position in the FIFA World Rankings in eight years after
moving to 45th in the October edition in June 2011 there were thirty eighth in
the rankings their jump comes after consecutive victories over Aruba in
league B of the CONCACAF nations lead the move sees Jamaica now third in
CONCACAF after overtaking Costa Rica who slipped to 47th after two straight draws
against Haiti and Caruso in lead a it’s the first time since 2011 that the
nation is in the top three in the region jmf president Michael Ricketts says more
schools to show that the football is in very competent and capable hands and the
sky is the limit I want to congratulate coach Whitmore and technical staff we
are heading to final two nations League games those games will hopefully
continue to propel us up the ladder we want to win this and win them
convincingly as we aim to stay in the top six leading to the hexagonal stage
of the work of qualifiers Mexico leads the way in the region at eleventh in the
world while the United States are second at 23rd Jamaica will need to remain in
the top six in CONCACAF by the June 2020 edition of the FIFA rankings to be
seeded in a round of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers Jamaica will fight for one of
three automatic spots if the country fails to stay in the top six they will
have to play up to 14 games to fight for an Intercontinental playoff spot the
reggae boys will face Antigua and Barbuda as well as Guyana in November
one more point in league B of the nations league will promote Jamaica to
League a and seal 20 21 Gold Cup qualification and that’s the midday news
I’m Andrea Chisholm join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package on behalf of
the news sports and production teams good afternoon