Trace McSorley: Penn State’s QB Is The Best In College Football

September 23, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Saquon was a big part of our offense
as you said before he’s a great leader and I wish him all the best at
the Giants but uh Trace has been the same you know he’s been the same leader he’s been
yeah nothing has changed much he’s just taking on a much bigger role offensively I don’t think us not having Saquon is detrimental to you know Trace being
Trace The Iowa game that last drive just his demeanor just as a defensive
player watching him in the huddle you know at the timeout leading up to that
drive just so calm This is just who he is this is just what he does I think
everybody could look at him and and feel that they were in good hands and that we
had a real shot of winning the game and people ask you know how is he able to do
that how was he able to stay so calm and the phrase comes out that’s just
Trace Trace has made me a better player and he’s made a lot of players on our
team better players that’s credit to his leadership credit to the
way he works and the standard that has been set here for me it’s just being
a little more vocal um as the more than I have in the last couple
years just making sure that that standard that you know those guys set
before that precedence that’s been there it doesn’t drop off that we’re still
working to that same standard he leads great by example he’s one of
those he’s a type leader where he may not always be screaming in your face and
things like that but if it’s necessary he’ll bring that out and then like everybody
stands still everybody listens everybody tunes in he’ll tell you not what you want to hear
but what you have to hear he’s become more vocal but he’s
I don’t think he’s ever going to be or gonna be a guy who’s overly verbal he’s a
guy who’s gonna do it through his actions you know we’re still working with the same
confidence that we’re gonna do the things we have the last couple years
that just cuz you know one guy’s gone or a couple guys are gone it’s not gonna
change how we are who we are on offense Where the appreciation and the respect
comes from me there’s never a downtime there’s never a time where he has an off
day there’s never a time where he doesn’t come in with the right approach
I need Trace the lead the way he leads I need him to be the
best version of himself and that’s what Trace has done so we talk about the
importance of leadership and holding guys accountable and those types of
things and and Trace just you know kind of like you’re saying has stayed very
authentic and true to who he is Trace is a winner you know as you guys have seen
the last couple years you know he refuses to lose and his competitiveness in
refusing to lose is awesome he’s just passionate about it you know
he never wants to lose, I was just playing basketball with him yesterday and he he is not
a person who wants to lose at all you know he takes everything serious he’s just a
baller he’s a gamer he always wants to win it’s just something that players want
to be around you know there’s nothing that Trace doesn’t want to win given whatever the circumstance is you know trace is gonna battle and try to find a way to
win and I think that you know obviously that carries over into the game of football
you know it’s gonna help him be successful in all aspects of life The Iowa game definitely. I remember the defense coming off the field and I looked Trace in his eyes and I was like let’s go let’s rock I think there
was like less than two minutes left in the game and we’re on our own and he
drove down the field and scored the game winning touchdown I just remember we all saw
it on TV and when he scored the touchdown I was punching him in his chest just
everything he does for our team it’s just crazy yeah I think the biggest
thing with trace is you know he’s a winner you know he always has been
and when we recruited him I think I want to say in high school four straight
state championship games that he played in I think among those four seasons I
think he may have had five losses in his high school career so he’s just a guy that I
think not only does he play at a high level but I think he makes the people
around him better I mean I wouldn’t say that you remember the losses more so than the big wins I mean you know I could look back I remember all the state
championship wins in high school I remember winning the Big Ten championship
or beating Ohio State you know winning the Fiesta Bowl and those those stick
out but I do think that the tough losses stick with you just the same you
think about those a little bit harder and longer they’ll eat away at you a little bit more you try and learn more from obviously from the losses than you do from the wins because there’s definitely a lot more
to be learned from The other thing I would tell you he’s got an edge to him
that people probably don’t understand you know he is so nice and he’s really
probably very nice on camera and those sort of things but for the lack of a better
word he’s got a little prick to him and that’s the thing that probably sets him
apart that other people people don’t see He’s had success at every level so
far I’d find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t be successful at the next level
as well I see Trace going on after the season
and having a great lengthy NFL career you know I think that you know people
look at his height and they want to they want to downgrade him and quite frankly
just look at the guys and what’s going on right now in the NFL and you’re gonna
see guys who look a lot more like him than you know then then the other way
around I see a guy when I watch Drew Brees he’s a guy that he’s extremely consistent in what he does he’s not super super flashy he’s not doing
anything necessarily out of the ordinary he’s just extremely consistent
he’s extremely accurate with his throws he’s always putting the ball in places
where his guys can catch and run with it afterwards you know everyone points out
that you know he’s not this he’s not this he’s not this all I know is if I’m on
an NFL team I’d take him and I know that I’ve got a guy who’s gonna go in and
give me a chance to win every game Trace is a guy that you know he’s gonna live
at this upper percentage of decision-making, on the field, off the
field, leadership, community service just all-out production I think that they
could definitely say that you know Trace was was a very very big piece of of
getting you know the program back on track where it needs to be I think Trace
will go down as one of the beloved Penn State history not just for what he did
on the field and for his production and those types of things but for the timing
of it as well I mean you know obviously you know came to Penn State at a
challenging time We all came in as freshmen that’s what we wanted to do we wanted to be the you know the guys that brought Penn State back to the glory
that it deserves to be in you know for a lot of our lives that’s where Penn
State was and right before we got here it wasn’t necessarily in that light and
I think we just wanted to bring Penn State back to that glory and I want to
get this team there and you know kind of the legacy will define itself