Top tips for international students studying in the UK | Student experience | Sussex ISC

August 23, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

I think when you move to a different country
you often focus on things that are not going your way and things that are going really,
you’re not sure about. And one way that I overcame a lot of those things if you go into
my room, my room is like this completely different world of positive things that I tell myself,
so anything that I learn, anything that I want to remind myself of I write it on a sticky
note and I put it on my board and there’s loads of reminders all over my room. So, when
I was feeling a bit sad or I’m a bit homesick I would put pictures up of my family all over
or my friends or my cousins or whatever it is on my walls or sometimes I felt like I
wasn’t accomplishing anything and I have accomplished things, I know that, but I just, for some
reason, didn’t think that I was, so I put my certificates up on my walls and my awards
and my medals, my football trophies or whatever it was. The most important thing is to talk
to people and not shut other people out because, somebody, somewhere is going through the exact
same thing that you’re going through, whether you think that they are or not. And somebody
is willing to help you, always. To keep in touch with your family, that’s something where
you say, if I don’t talk to them then I won’t need to be emotionally involved in that but
speaking to them every day actually is the opposite of what you think it is, it helps
you a lot. Fill up your time, be busy, do things, get involved because that’s kind of
a way to get your mind off of what is not going the way you think it is going.