Top 7 Finance & Accounting Schools in the World

September 13, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

– Hey everybody, welcome
to Crimsom Education. My name is Gus. Today we’re going to be
taking a look at the top seven fiance and accounting schools
according to the QS rankings. For those who don’t know, the
QS rankings take into account academic productivity,
employer reputation, and the H index. Obviously rankings are
only a part of the story of which school is right for you, and if you would like
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one of our academic experts. Number seven on our list is the University of Pennsylvania because of its Wharton School of Business. Wharton is famous as one
of the finest undergraduate business educations in the world. What separates Wharton
from most of the economics programs at other
undergraduate institutions is its focus on actual,
practical, applicable skills. So you won’t just be
learning the theoreticals of why the economy works the way it does, you’ll be learning how
to apply those concepts in a real world business setting. Wharton’s cuticulum is customizable, allowing you to focus on any aspect of business or finance you want, including management or operations. Famous alumni of Wharton
include Sundar Pinchai, the CEO of Google, Elon Musk,
founder of SpaceX and Tesla, and Warren Buffett, the world famous billionaire hedge fund manager. Number six on our list is
the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business,
located in Chicago, Illinois. To date, nine members of
the Booth Business School faculty have earned Nobel
Prizes for their work. That’s a lot of, that’s more
Nobel Prizes than I have. The Booth School also has a
legendary finance cuticulum, which covers both corporate
fiance and investing. Some notable alumni of the Booth School include Eugene Fama,
the 2013 Nobel Laureate in economic sciences, widely recognized as the father of modern science. Not a lot of people get to say that. And Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, succeeding Steve Ballmer in 2014. Steve Ballmer is in
another one of our videos. You should check him out, he’s cool too. (cheering wildly) Number five on our list is LSE or the London School of Economics, which as the name might suggest, is in London studies
economics, among other things. It’s a school too. LSE is a specialized research university focusing on business,
finance, and economics. LSE is also located close to London’s financial district,
which is a huge boon for students at the
school, as they’re able to work closely with financial
partners all over London. Two famous alumni of the
London School of Economics are former president
of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta and Pierre Trudeau, former
prime minister of Canada. You might know his son, Justin Trudeau, who also became prime minister of Canada. It kind of runs in the Trudeau family. Number four on our list is
the University of Oxford also located in the United Kingdom, with its Saïd Business School. The Saïd Business School was named after prominent business man and
philanthropist, Wafic Saïd. The Saïd Business School
is particularly famous for its accounting researchers,
who routinely publish in the top accounting
journals in the world. The world class faculty in
addition to their duties at the Saïd Business
School, also participate in other financial
institutions around the world, including the Center
for Business Taxation, the Center for Corporate Reputation, and the Private Equity Institute. Number three on our list is the Stanford Graduate School of Business, located on Stanford’s campus,
in Palo Alto, California. The Graduate School of
Business at Stanford offers several degrees, including an MDA, an MSx for executives
looking to get more training in management in the
middle of their careers, and a PhD track as well. The PhD program at the Stanford
Graduate School of Business is designed more with scholarship in mind than understanding corporate science, while the master’s degrees
are more for business people looking to get in, get skills, and get back out into the working world. At Stanford, there’s
also a lot of student-led finance extracurriculars,
including Stanford Finance, a group which encourages
financial education among the Stanford student body. Number two on our list is
the Sloan School of Business at the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology or MIT. MIT’s Sloan offers degrees
at the bachelor, master’s, and PhD level, as well
as executive training. Sloan’s MBA program is
considered one of the most competitive and high profile in the world. Students who are in the Sloan MBA program can also cross-register at
Harvard Business School. It’s the only partnership of its kind at this level of business school. If you’ve ever driven a zip car or bought or sold stocks on E-Trade, you’ve used MIT Sloan alumni products. And number one on our
list is Harvard University located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard is on our list,
despite not having a finance or accounting undergraduate degree. Rather, the star of this show
is Harvard Business School, commonly ranked as the number one business school in the world. One of the most famous
Harvard Business School programs is it’s two plus two MBA degree. Where students agree to
work in the real world for two years before coming
to Harvard Business School to get two years of MBA training. Also at the undergraduate
level at Harvard, one third of graduating seniors go into finance, business, or consulting. Notable Harvard Business School Alumni include economics titan Michael Porter, Michael Bloomberg, and
Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg. Okay, so that was the top
seven finance and accounting schools in the world, but
the real question here is where are you gonna go to
finance or accounting school? And the answer to that, I do not know. Only you know that, and the way
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