Top 4 Halloween Prank Videos – College Edition!

August 23, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

so a lot of you are getting ready for
halloween you’re trying to get costume but that’s not the only thing they
should be doing to get into the spirit of halloween others also great
opportunities for pranks and we’re gonna show you are some great ones so let’s
start with but the first review which shows one particular thing you can do
that spider related confirmed going on with hai david hackworth huya thing that gaelic nothing about extended applicants it’s due to a two big what their plans um… that with that that’s very funny i mean it is kinda so
i can give you just throw it out on the way it’s funny how people like people
like me society where civilization that’s pretty
injured pounding that i made spent fighting the
magic but uh… i i want to make sure we had q animals in the sense that it clear
that we also have amman size of some that i
think this is from break dot com they have some funny uh… appraisal towards those there have been there laptop the died daybreak the will give the girls level of a particular both poking at her
on the bus for the poor political okay it is the main one and i think the
initiative topic maybe like hit me like he carefully sets it up under the bed
consistent over there is a program like three times the rate of thirty sites dot
without anyway im didn’t have anything to do that uh… uncertain times i’ve nothing like
with that businesses work that way into a radio it’s getting easier to get started first
and second or whatever there’s a reason to be a witness unintelligible dot people got me really
that i decided that feeling all of uh… little things like once i put a
little late fake wait now so the girls children class and she freaked out when
she was a prism if what you’re internet saber old she had moved away it’s that
she was there too uh… weekday act and then she got your car to leave i got
like i what’s my vehicle and like i with torches are getting ready in the car and
it just like put myself against the window like allegations that was with the
homeless man instincts acid insist on making that night anything else tell you one of the best
brings that i’ve seen what is mold to above one of his when do you uh… you put a dollar bill on like a fishing rod when you go to public you make throw it
down the sidewalk anything if you know i don’t say hold all the diamond decode
they’re like that never on the actually does any of
the poor neighborhoods with ten dollars little but fishing over for folks no millar al bundy section to then strip
clubs he put like a string on it he devoted to the girl she won’t wait black
crack i think i guess there’s a lot of money
that way uh… admit they made a break and
actually done that not only seen a highly seen people did i
would make a good video vietnam the other printed people donaldson really
appreicate it hurts in the end is when you you put like elastic rat at the
bottom of the door on the top of the door salam people walked into a date like
their traders anticipated but you know it would be a great person
a paper on here is anna and she i think there really is a plan
to use it would look will try to film something that would be pretty funny
poet if you have awesome friends especially halloween really did want to
send them to us like we love watching several