Top 100 Employer 2012 – Georgian College

September 18, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

I love working at georgian because of the friendly environment the people the staff the faculty the
community and the students at georgian is a place that allows me to do what i like
to share my experiences with the students as well as being a part of the
community within a community I love working at georgian because its such a supportive community it motivates you to work hard you know when work is being valued and appreciated I have only been at georgian for three years now and I think I am in my third position now So i know that there’s always room for advancement and room to grow it’s the people its’s the commitment from everybody to the same common goal we all working for the success of the students I live working at georgian because it’s given
me the opportunity to work in a high quality job in my field in a community that I live in I love working at georgian because I get to watch students start their career here and support them during critical days in their life’s I love working here because of the people and comrarvy that we have I worked at barrie campus and orillia campus and I would say they are different worlds but both places I have been extremely happy with what I do with people I know with people I work with one word to describe georgian would be opportunities opportunities growth there’s been a lot of growth lately awesome family grateful place grilling its grilling for me fabulous interesting I think georgian is really amazing just people really good to work with very cooperative and everybody basically wants to do the best we can for people of the service a wonderful place to work go georgian go grizzles my experiences as a whole has been really amazing thats why I feel really fortunate to work here at georgian its a powerful place feels like a family georgian feels like a family what i try to offer students is to let them know a wonderful place to work is a wonderful place to be if you are surrounded by people are happy or positive about there jobs which I think ours are than we impart something special to the students who come to us I love coming to work everyday as simple I love coming here