Top 10 Worst Small Towns In America. #3 Is Great

September 22, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

hey welcome back everyone or welcome to
the world according to Briggs of this your first time on this channel we do
lists about locations and types of locations kind like a Travel Channel
after talking so much recently about the book flue highways in case this is your
first time here it’s a true story about a college professor who traveled all
around the u.s. using backroads only he visited a bunch of small towns and he
wrote a book about it while talking about it I kind of noticed going over
all my old list that haven’t done any list on small towns they’ve all been
about big cities and the worst cities and liberal and conservative cities but
nothing about small-town America which is most of our country so I thought I’d
make a couple lists about small towns small towns or towns that have under
70,000 people but of course above a thousand people now full disclosure
about these lists I had to cut California out of the equation because
the bottom 32 is all California some up in the Oakland area but a majority of
them are down in the Los Angeles area the Compton’s wine gardens things like
that so I just cut California out of the equation so being fair of the small-town
folks I thought I’d start these lists after all we live in a world these days
where some people go over everything you do and say searching for something to be
offended by I mean I have one guy pissed off at me because I haven’t included
possum trot Kentucky on any of these lists so far so here’s my top ten were
small towns in America number ten Kokomo Indiana first of all this place is in
the middle of nowhere an hour north of Indianapolis up the Westfield Boulevard
you find Kokomo Indiana if you’re pulling a u-haul keep driving this place
has bad jobs bad weather and in bad history Kokomo has been struck by 18
tornadoes between 1950 and 2015 and one giant Klan rally attended by over
200,000 Klan members if that’s not fun enough Kokomo’s mayor in 1881 was shot
dead by a sheriff’s posse after he robbed the local flour mill in the early
1980s Koch bow made national news for expelling a child who contracted aids
from a blood transfusion like I said keep driving number nine Ardmore Oklahoma Ardmore is
one of those places every young girl dreams of moving out of the kind of
place where people say stupid stuff like you got a future at the plant boy don’t
screw it up by growing your hair long in just three to five years you could be
pulling down 25k a year you can’t beat money like that Ardmore only has 25,000
residents and according to the stats each one of them has a solid chance of
being assaulted every single day they had more than 400 assaults reported in
2016 on top of that it’s just a matter of time before the plant shuts down and
1900 more people are on welfare this place was an energy town for a long time
and of course this led to highly contaminated water like most energy
towns and in 1915 a train containing gas exploded killing 45 people and
destroying much of downtown nobody seemed to mind because they built the
new portion just outside the burn mark from the explosion and called it good
hey here’s a fun fact John Hinckley jr. the guy who shot Ronald Reagan he was
raised in Ardmore and what if he drank that water number eight Niagara Falls
New York Niagara Falls I always thought this was
a nice place and to my surprise it’s one of the most dangerous small towns in the
state of New York and also the country while many of the crimes that occur in
Niagara Falls may be targeted tourists residents have a one in 25 chance of
being robbed every year themselves is this the type place you’d consider
relocating to not a lot of people do nobody’s moving into Niagara Falls the
average home in Niagara Falls cost sixty eight thousand dollars sixty eight
thousand dollars now that’s like Mississippi backwood prices fifth
cheapest average home price in the country and they still can’t get people
to move in there way to go Niagara number seven Anderson Indiana this is
the second Indiana City on our list but if you know Indianapolis in the area
around it in Indiana you know that central Indiana is in bad shape when it
comes to crime and jobs Anderson is in the top 13 percent when it comes to the
sheer number of crimes for a town of this size when General Motors closed its
operations in Anderson this city was dealt a major economic blow as GM was
the biggest employer in Anderson folks who still live here have a daily
struggle finding good jobs it sucks when Walmart is your biggest employer in town
side note I know a lot of trivia I do a lot of reading and I like trivia things
and I just know trivia things that’ll never get me ahead in life but I enjoy
it and I can tell you it blew me away when I looked up Anderson they have 40
people listed as notable residents or people famous people from Anderson I
didn’t know any of them not one that’s the first time I’ve ever come across
with that many people have no idea who any of them were number six Rocky Mount North Carolina
every state has a bad town or two North Carolina has a serious one in Rocky
Mountain this city of about 58,000 people was listed as the ninth most
dangerous city in terms of assaults in 2016 not many of the more serious crimes
of murder or whatever than other places but assaults are pretty frequent about
as frequent as commercial see them all the time I hate those
commercials but I’m sure they play those commercials a bunch in Rocky Mount Rocky
Mount is twenty third on the list of 101 cities of the highest percentage of
single-parent households if they did play those commercials I’m sure nobody
would see them because the unemployment rate is so high nobody can afford cable number five Pine Bluff Arkansas the only
category keeping Pine Bluff from ranking first on this list is the fact that the
public school system seems to be well funded this city has problems in most
cities with high crime and low property value have underfunded schools not Pine
Bluff they’re doing something right there when you can buy a home for
$70,000 in a place with a good school system you have to wonder why what’s
violent crimes and pills that’s your answer this town is in the middle of a
serious pill and heroin fight and it’s too bad Google this town and look at the
street view go up and down the streets looks like this place was really nice
once it’s too bad and number four
Litchfield Kentucky gradual ations Bluegrass State you made the list to be
fair kentucky has some really nice towns Litchfield ain’t one of them
Litchfield is probably the worst place you could live in Kentucky and I bet you
want to know why number one I was stabbed by a guy from Litchfield well in
the army probably shouldn’t have asked a man sharpening a bayonet
if the KY and KY jelly is because they use so much written the Kentucky
backwoods his reply was no you stupid ass and I replied what brand do you use
in the Kentucky backwoods and he stabbed me the twisted part were still friends
on Facebook number two the unemployment rate is
about 13 percent the schools are underfunded and the property values are
well below state average got a serious meth and pill problem and a home costs
about eighty-five thousand which is a true sign your town blows in Litchfield
you have a 1 in 35 chance of being the victim of some type of property crime
every single year don’t move tillage filled number three
Elkhart Indiana another Indiana town has made the list
Elkhart is just outside a South Bend where the University of Notre Dame is in
Elkhart one in nine residents are without jobs and home prices are about
as low as you can get 65,000 it’s the average I watched a video of a home
foreclosure auction and the highest bidder was $37,000 the guy filming it
said at $37,000 this guy won’t be able to flip it and make a profit are you
kidding me if you just have the framing in California on a burnt-out lot next to
a trailer park $37,000 you could flip it and make a fortune when you can buy a
home on a first year Taco Bell crew member income with no down payment your
town sucks they have so many abandoned homes in Elkhart it’s crazy there was a
report that a whole block lost power nobody reported it for three days the
few residents that lived on that block thought they just hadn’t paid their bill
and weren’t able to so nobody called took him three days realized that there
was like a transformer something out on the block number two Fort Pierce Florida Fort
Pierce is a dangerous place where it’s really hard to get a job city of under
42,000 people shouldn’t have eight murders every year more than one in nine
people are without jobs and most of those jobs they do have are in the
neighborhood of minimum wage Fort Pierce is an old army installation back from
the second Seminole Wars Seminole Indians we used to fight him I guess
when you’re in Fort Pierce you have a 1 in 68 chance of being the victim of a
violent crime every single year according the FBI website fun times and
Fort Pierce this is also another place where an odd amount of adults go missing
adults vanish here like some kind of twisted magic show
this is also the hometown of a bunch of sports stars and Edwin Binney
miney Vinnie I don’t know how to pronounce his name but he’s the
co-founder of Crayola Crayons so that’s a plus and number one Gallup New Mexico right
now you’re saying Gallup New Mexico where is that well for starters it’s in
New Mexico this small city is really isolated along a stretch of the i-40 now
it’s near a Native American reservation it’s been well documented that living
outside of a Native American reservation is extremely dangerous especially for
white folks I won’t speculate on white but I’m sure it has a lot to do with the
actions of white folks just a guess but this town is sixteenth and most violent
small towns in the nation where locals had a 1 in 47 chance of being the victim
of a violent crime property crimes are also sky high and they are 15th in the
nation in unauthorized use of another human beings body I can’t say what that
is or what it’s really called or the new Google system will actually flag my
video for a couple days so they actually watch it and demon advertiser friendly
but I think you know what I’m talking about
one other stat about Gallup New Mexico they ranked fifth as in five in the
nation of residents who’ve drank an alcohol within the last 30 days
bladder drinking goes on in Gallup New Mexico well that’s my list I hope you
enjoyed it kind of a little downer on this one we’re small towns but I thought
we’d do it anyway I hope you enjoyed it I hope you give me a big thumbs up tell
me if you think I missed another small town or there’s one near you that’s
horrible maybe I’ll cover it the next time we do this subject but hey everyone
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