Top 10 Worst neighborhoods in the United States.  Chicago isn’t on this list.

Top 10 Worst neighborhoods in the United States. Chicago isn’t on this list.

September 22, 2019 20 By Stanley Isaacs

what is going on everyone how about we
talk about neighborhoods that same people try and avoid on this channel
we’ve gone over the worst things about states cities towns zip codes airports
my cousin’s wife and other horrible places we also did a few videos about
bad neighborhoods in different cities and people really seem to like them so I
thought today we would just look at the country’s worst neighborhoods the harsh
reality is we have some places in this country that probably should be vacated
fenced off and forgotten about what I love about these videos are the two type
of people that comment on bad neighborhoods the first are the people
that say it isn’t that bad and I don’t know what I’m talking about because I’m
not from there the only thing I can say to that is stop
typing numbers don’t lie the second is the person that attempts to look hard
and gain some street cred and take some sort of pride in being from here here’s
the thing living in a really bad neighborhood isn’t a good thing if it
was the people who become successful from that neighborhood would actually
stay there they don’t and they rarely come back a crappy neighborhood isn’t
something to be proud of doing something about that crappy neighborhood to make
it better is wake up now we can do a video series on this one two or three at
least from all around the country there’s that many some of these
neighborhoods are really close in the level that they suck so this really
won’t be in a hardcore by-the-numbers order I’m gonna do my best see what we
can do here that being said why don’t you lock the
front door put a chair against it set the alarm and watch my top 10 worst
neighborhoods in the United States number 10
downtown Rockford Illinois life in downtown Rockford is pretty dangerous
violent crimes have been on the rise so much that any person in the area of
downtown Rockford has a 1 in 13 chance of being involved in a crime every
single day this last October and November it was a little busy in the
downtown Rockford area they had three pedestrians hit by cars two people
arrested for firing guns in the air four people shot out in front of different
bars one man shot in front of his apartment one man shot while sitting in
his car on the phone they had a couple of stabbings and not too
far from downtown in August someone decided to fire shots at or around the
Auburn high school football game good times in Rockford number nine West End
Cincinnati Ohio West in Cincinnati is not where you want to be ever the main
streets of this area look nice and promising however once you get into the
more residential parts it’s where you start seeing garbage and streets and you
know boarded up windows abandoned homes dogs missing legs and eye patches and
broken down fences all the things that are what you’d see in a really bad movie
about a bad neighborhood it’s going on here in West End Cincinnati it’s no
surprise that while in this neighborhood you have a 1 in 12 chance of being
involved in a crime two nights ago three men were shot and one died early Sunday
morning this was all on the west end cincinnati cincinnati police say the
first one happened on Court and Central Avenue according to the police the
victim took himself to the hospital but was gone before they arrived then on
Finley Street they found an SUV that was all shot up inside that man who had
sprung some holes recently and now was deceased they also had tracks showing
that someone else that was in the vehicle it sprung some polls also and
but it left what is the deal with people leaving the scene of these things when
they’ve been shot up if you shoot me I’m sticking around for some help well I
mean unless someone’s still shooting then maybe I’m gonna you know beat feet
but still you know what I mean number 8 West Jeffries freeway in C Bolt Street
Detroit Michigan this neighborhood is not a good one to get turned around in
lost whatever the crime rate here is 140 percent higher than the national average
with around 60 reported crimes daily in this neighborhood alone it doesn’t seems
to be letting up anytime soon the year-over-year increase in crime is
about 13 percent in other words this place isn’t much safer than a lot of war
zones you can get any one of these three gyms for just under 30 thousand each oh
look at least someone took the trash to the curb now if they could just find an
armored trash truck someone might pick it up number 7 Chelsea Avenue North
Claybrook Street Memphis Tennessee this neighborhood is a smaller one near the
new Chicago area of Memphis and yes this one is just like some of the
neighborhoods in the original Chicago this neighborhood boasts a fatherless
household rate that is 90 percent higher than the national average this usually
indicates high poverty rates as well and this one does have high poverty rates
same parents struggle trust me on that one if
you don’t know and you were lucky enough to be raised by two parents single
parents do struggle if you were raised by single mom in art in jail or rehab
call your mom and say thank you a lot of men are dicks in this world
this neighborhood is suffering in part because of that stat number six Whitman
Park Camden New Jersey Whitman Park is a neighborhood where you never want to
send your children to school the average students test score is 76 percent lower
than the national average only about 62% of the residents will graduate high
school and only about 2% of them go on to college and get a four-year degree
that is some of the lowest numbers I’ve ever seen while I’ve been doing these
lists for those two categories high school grads and four-year college
that’s just way too low they have no jobs Camden is always on the most
dangerous list it’s in New Jersey Whitman Park is a giant hole of despair
nothing good is going on here oh I’m sorry
rent is dirt cheap but then again you got to worry about dying all the time
make sure you have good health insurance number five Orange Street and Broad
Street Rochester New York Rochester has an overall crime rate that’s 71 percent
higher than the national average this neighborhood specifically has had a
overwhelming rise in murders assaults and robberies in recent years
don’t move here it’s just getting worse people keep mentioning that Rochester is
bad I haven’t been there since I was a kid so I always remember it being nice I
guess it was back then or I was too young to realize the suck
that Rochester had to offer not sure number 4 Russel Woods Detroit Michigan
Russel Woods’s neighborhood just east of i-96 the crime rate here is a hundred
thirty two percent higher than national average with a total year over year
increase of about fourteen percent while you’re in this neighborhood you have a 1
in 12 chance of being involved in a crime and yes this is a crime or at
least it should be nobody should be allowed to paint their home that color
that’s horrible what sucks about Russel Woods is that there are blocks here that
are nice and well-maintained some really nice homes around here turn the corner
and it looks like Godzilla stroll down the street while doing the bird box
challenge number 3 McDaniel Street Saint Mary Street Atlanta Georgia this area of
Atlanta is scary the rate of robbery and violent assaults have risen
the last few years giving you a one in ten chance of being involved in any
crime you have a one in fifteen chance of being assaulted that means if you go
on a group interview at Home Depot one of you is getting stomped in the parking
lot afterwards it’s also hot as balls in the summer in Atlanta and it’s a known
fact that the heat increases the crime rate so no group interviews in July or
August in Atlanta okay number two James Buchanan Drive in first Street Jackson
Tennessee hey Tennessee made it twice in this list
that is strange because majority of the state overflows with good people and
amazing landscapes but this neighborhood seems to be void of both of those it’s
not a place to settle now the homes here or either apartments or one-bedroom
homes oddly enough chances of people moving
here and settling down and giving this place a better you know look feel curb
appeal whatever you want to call it is not likely I think the best thing that
could happen to this neighborhood is a possessed bulldozer with a full tank of
gas and number one city center is st. Louis right now some of you are
wondering where Chicago well Chicago does have some bad neighborhoods just
not as bad as the media makes them sound crime and murder type stats go off
averages or per capita Chicago has far too many people to make it on a lot of
these lists they’ll probably be on the next one I’m sure they went back to East
st. Louis the city center area of East st. Louis has definitely seen some
better days you’d probably have to go back to the 1800s to find those days
today however this is not a place you want to end up have you ever seen that
movie escape from New York it’s very similar the crime rate here is 175
percent higher than the national average there’s about 22 reported violent crimes
occurring daily in city center East st. Louis well in the area you have a 1 in
12 chance of being involved in a violent crime that’s a great stat now everyone
together here let’s all say this together hey Siri never let me go within
a hundred miles of city center East st. Louis never let me go within 100 miles of
city centre recent Lewes have a look that was great alright so that’s my top
10 worst neighborhoods in the United States I hope you guys enjoyed it hope
you got some good information out of it I’m sure I’m gonna do another one of
these within a week or two so look forward to that if you enjoyed this one
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already everybody have a great day be nice to each other