Top 10 Things to Get Ready for College (Students with Disabilities)

August 20, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

favorite is Lisa increase again since
college we’ll be starting about six weeks from now we thought that it would be a great idea doing a top 10 things to do before you
go off to college we year those top 10 toured students
with disabilities butter you could be for any student who
is going off to college number to him if you use a power
wheelchair cover check out because you will be
putting a lot of miles on it check your tires and batteries you don’t want to lose traction on steep
hills we’re happy Richard I want your I’m also
check your battery charger if you can push yourself check your
tires so that you can hear the new threads on your tires also for both power chairs and manual
cheers make sure that the timing is good for me before college I didn’t sit in my chair
all day so I had to adjust to sitting in my
chair all day that was really hammered a mind-body
things like this you would not saying fractured body but it does rearing here you are going far away from
home and you receive supplies dealership to you remember to tell the company your new
address I don’t want you to run out of supplies and they have to find a store that is
what you need you might want to ask another students with a disability where
they get their supplies also ask them where do they get
emergency supplies it is all about networking with other
people if you network well it will help you all
your life it will not stand after college but it will keep on growing hurry start looking for personal care
assistant susan they have them lined up also have a few more them on hand if you have them lined up Stewart
getting to know them so the first day you feel comfortable with them what I would do is use Craigslist dot com or care dot com and try to hire
several people these sites do cost money Craigslist has
not been successful life before in my opinion I have been trying to get a personal
care assistance from a few months now and people are not replying like before it for personal biz reply may never come
for the interviews if I was going to college this fall this is what I would do first talked to
the department’s Special Needs and see where other people with
disabilities find help a second put an ad on Craigslist herb
care dot com third if the colleges in nursing program Corey medical program I would put Flyers
up in the building in my opinion this one is the best one
finding a lot because you know that they will be close to you and also they will
be doing what they are getting a degree in for put up fliers up in the Student Union or around the main area that students
him out or in your dorm number seven if you know your class schedule and will
need help in class stored contacting the professor for the
department have special needs they can help you so much by contacting
the professors this shows them that you were being
proactive in your education most professors usually do not know what
they are going to be teaching in the class yet by introducing yourself it might just
help you down the road you might be saying but Chris I don’t
know what courses I will be taking yet that is OK I am just saying you know
what you were taking start contacting them I we’re just tell
them a little bit about you and Mike killing to help you meet in the class and what come dayton’s you might need
for the test number six start putting things together in a pile and make a list of what you need this is
for anyone who is going away to college you don’t want to start the week before
going planning is the key older refrigerator is really helpful for me sometimes I didn’t like the food for
dinner so my mom usually made meals for me also it is helpful for keeping drinks
cold another helpful thing to get is a great
form for the bed it made the bed soon after for Lisa it major body tighter you might want to
try your before you go to college you never know
how it will effect you in the dorm room there is a desk if you’re like me might need things fire it might be a good idea to bring some
wood to raise the desk on from life try to find a person that you
know very well and see if they could help you out during the first few weeks this was my biggest reason I got through
the first semester of college my friend was a senior and I don’t know
what I would do without him if your friend is a freshman to you that
will work to during my first semester of college my friend to help me adjust to college
got killed in a car accident going home for Thanksgiving weekend it
was really hard on me but it made me stronger pie and to study
more my own rather have someone help me I think that gave me the drive to
succeed in college you have to prepare when things change become as things evolve over time you
have to say to yourself that you can get through the hard times number for habbo love the phone numbers
that you would really need some other phone numbers that I would
would be on beer a personal care assistants the campus police your dorm resident
assistant the department have special needs the
local transportation the local wheelchair repair shop turned
on a beer with friends on campus when I went to college cell phones were
not in vain to the year we came a long way since I was in
college speaking about cell phones & Technology I would have to charge us for everything
I know it might sound months but you wouldn’t want your computer to
dive because the charger was con- a few weeks ago I had my iPod logged in my chair and someone unplugged
it and let the wire drag when I noticed it the wire was toward so it is better to be prepared then to
be sorry 3 word what the department with special
needs have to offer to you they should have to ask taking service if you have to have a writer or extra
time for the tennis they should be able to provide you with
someone if you need help with homework they
should be able to provide you some honor for you what I found very helpful was having
friends help you on the department with special needs would pay them this was really great for me because my
friends already knew how to communicate with me I don’t mean having a friend who was in
the same class helping you with the work for the same class but they can help you with a different
class also look into what they offer for socializing it is a good way to make friends and
have fun another thing that may be my providers
therapy University of Illinois at therapy and I took advantage of it because I get
tight win I can Strauss so it was a chance for me to be
stretched out I think I got one hour of credit for it
please don’t hold me to that because it was many years ago number two get involved in activities on
the campus I don’t mean with the Department of
special needs but regular activities like fraternity
or sorority I got involved in the church that I went
to I got involved in a recruit program by doing that I made a lot of friends some of them started to help me out with
studying during my junior year a group of us went
to Florida on our Christmas vacation by getting involved in activities here
educating other people about disability my friend became a physical therapist because she helped me out I did not do
anything special besides being her friend getting out in social life helps you to
get your mind off up studying it also gives you something to look
forward to in let the stress come out you need a balanced life with
studying fun activities then therapy if you can
balance all three in my opinion he will do well in college I’m number one have the best four years
will be relying can get both agree that you desire we
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