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November 5, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

The Detroit youth choir is a Community-based choir we have a lot of inner-city kids. Some of them have bad home situations, or they could be in the streets There’s violence we give them something positive To come and be a part of already Mr. Wake knows things that Detroit children go through so he’s able to help us feel safe and Fix those things through music or dance We can take that a little bit of talent and pour some water on it and growing be proud of what you represent. Okay? Let me tell you mr White people like you are the reason I am where I am right now and let me tell you all it takes is one person To believe that you can do it and you have that And that’s more than so many people have on this earth Our mission is the young people from Detroit can be somebody That is an entrance Welcome thank you to tell us who you are, please we are the detroy you Squire And you are obviously the choir director, yes, I’m the choir director Anthony white Antony white nice to meet you Tell me how this guy came up. What’s the idea behind it, please? well I’ve been the director of this wonderful youth group for a little over 21 years And we’re here to let the world know that we have some wonderful young people in the city of Detroit. And yes They all have great grades and they’re all talented well, is he stretched? Yeah By your old friends, yeah. Okay. So what would you love or dream of happening? If you do well on this show a million dollars, you know I actually love choirs. So and we’d never had a choir winning the show, but this can be the first. Okay. Well, good luck Never between like Rocky copies This was your moment In the singing and the rapping it’s so much more than you expect from any other choir. I love you. I love you all You know it starts with the people Yes, and the people you guys came together and created something that was traditional like a choir and you took it And went so fresh. It was so fun. The choreography. I was up on my feet Gabrielle first let me ask the little the little one who’s hiding in the back. Can she step forward? How do you feel good do you feel like you did a great job thank you, yeah Let me thank you because what we all just witnessed here tonight was nothing short of absolute brilliance Your call This was not expected If you can keep doing this where every performance is the last thing you would expect to choir to do you could win this That’s not with Howie yes, mmm, oh, you know, wait wait wait wait wait wait I’m so sorry to interrupt you. Holly. I have to tell you Every young man and woman on the stage represents me and where I came from I remember sitting out my window in Flint, Michigan Dreaming. I wanted to make it and wanted to be here and They were here All it takes is one person to believe in a young man or woman for Them to reach their dreams and you want that man, sir I was born and raised in Winnsboro, Louisiana. Dad was a sharecropper. So I grew up on the farm We didn’t get to go to school Because we started the picking cotton in an early age Music was the only thing that I could get into That I wouldn’t get in trouble about every chance I got I’d trade my music When I was 19, the Vietnam War happened and I joined the military when the wall came to end I started a family and I had to make the money so I got a job in my hometown and Here it is 50 years later Four years ago, I noticed I was gradually losing my sight when I went to the VA to get my eyes checked He said what you blind and what I can’t see either, you know it Now, I’m almost totally bright But a bad thing sometimes it brings out the best in you I began to play the music again It made me reach inside to find myself It’s like I’m 65, and I’m just coming alive. You know, I’m finally living my childhood dream My daughter died chillin, she’s my eyes. She’s helping me being here When an opportunity knocks on your door is never too late Simon’s just gonna have to love me because You know, this is this is my dream Hello, how are you? I’m fine. I’m excited. I’m I’m anxious. Okay. Tell us who you are My name is Robert family. Where are you from Robert? I’m from Winnsboro, Louisiana. How old are you? I’m 65 years old 65 young And I take it you’re gonna be singing for us what got you into music well, uh to tell truth I was a carpenter all my life and I lose my sight to him to glaucoma so Music it was always a passion of mine So I’d say I had to lose my physical sight so that I could see my true destiny And now what song are you gonna be singing for us? I’m gonna be singing an original song tonight called get it while you can Amazing well, we can’t wait to hear you. Let’s hear it It’s got a good Trying to learn this woman Take it when you can get it and while you can You can Thank you so much Imagine there’s no heaven No happy Bo’s only sky You I’m not I hope someday you’ll all join us Imagine I hope someday you’ll join us I saw how emotional you were and how much this means to you. How are you feeling now, man? This is weird This is this is crazy This means everything The heart if you were your heart on your sleeve we could all feel it I’m just I’m just blown away by your talent. I love the hair. Your beard is is flourishing Those skinny jeans I’m here for I thought your heart and I felt your passion and that’s what art is What I loved about you was what you did with the song with your vocal I love people who can reinterpret a song and you did something special with it. Just then he was incredible. Thank you so much Howie yes enough, I gotta give you a yes You know what’s coming for yeses Welcome Hello, welcome to America’s Got to what’s your name? I’m go D I Am 22 years old Who are you miss? Who are you I’m mom So, what are you gonna do here for us today? I’m gonna sing a song for you on the piano Tina tell us a little bit about Cody Cody is blind and autistic well, we found out that he loved music really early on he listened and his eyes just went huge and He started singing and that’s when I just I was in tears because that’s when I realized oh my gosh, she’s an entertainer. So Music and performing he was able to withstand living in this world because when you’re autistic, it’s really hard to do what everybody else does it actually has Saved his life playing music We’d love to hear you go for it, you ready? I’m ready Yeah I’ve been to so many places in my life and In a mate’s Embarrassed 10,000 people watching Well don’t know never say to you Or does her spacertown, I love you from my life Well, first of all, I will tell you that all four judges and everybody in this room were up on their feet I will tell you that Not only do we feel the authenticity of what you do but you’re a great inspiration and a great talent I Know um Everybody needs a voice in an expression and I’d really feel Your your heart your passion your voice blew all of us away So I just want to say that I heard you and I felt you and that was beautiful Simon you see what just happened there was extraordinary. I mean really extraordinary I don’t know what it’s like to live in Cody’s world all I can tell is is that you obviously have an amazing relationship the two of you and Your voice is absolutely fantastic. You have a really beautiful tone And thank you so much for trusting us on this For the rest of my life I’m a new judge this season and I’m also a new mom this year It’s the toughest job I’ve ever had and the most rewarding job I’ve ever had You just want to give your kids the moon the stars in the rainbows and tonight I’m gonna give you Quite amazing Welcome How are you? We are wonderful. Thank you OSHA names. My name is Master Sergeant Caleb green United States Army retired And I am Jason Hanna’s our first class in the US Army Sergeant major crystal Raines US army active And I am staffs are retired Ronde Henry United States Army Okay, so what’s the name of the group Voices of service we’re using this platform to show what music can do as music therapy For servicemen and women who are coping with post-traumatic stress and we just love what we do Wow. How did you meet? We all have a common bond to serve our country It’s what gives us the the power of the fire to do what it is we do Being soldiers we cope with a lot of things in 2003 my unit 101st Airborne Division. We were deployed to Iraq, we took fire and a lot of things flashed before my eyes and my thoughts Wondering where we got to make it through this. I have eight combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan One that comes to mind is we were on a ground convoy from one base to another and we averted improvised explosive devices But the tank behind us hit it And it just tears you up inside because could have been your son could have been your daughter could have been a friend you know and and we still have to be resilient and and Do our job Every day of your life that you spent there you had to make it your best because One day you could be having lunch with one of your ballot bunnies and the next day they could be gone so You know those thoughts ringing through all of our minds We would sit around You know and just start singing and that would help us get over what we went through that day, you know Just bring a sense of hope to what the loss that we dealt with The bond of music got us through it off And being on that stage tonight, it’s it’s a dream come true To have this opportunity it reminds you. What a great country we do live in and It’s for those people for those men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice that I’ll stand on the stage and sing tonight So what would you like to achieve by doing Well on the show tell me we want to achieve in spreading a message of love and hope For everyone in America who is coping with any challenge in life to show what music can do? Good luck Or you Can ride my school I’ll be I won’t just come My roots they run deep Oh Victory’s Yeah Ha Whose the moment you knew you belong right here on American Scout time. I Think the moment I started talking. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, I guess no pressure My name is Joseph Allen, I’m 21 years old from Texas and I’m a singer/songwriter Okay, yeah, yeah, I’m about to look like a punk in front of 15 million people When I was two my parents they divorced My mom remarried and my dad remarried I grew up in a blended family That was the youngest out of 12 of us my mom My dad my stepmom and my stepdad every single one of them played a serious role and in my upbringing When I told my dad I was gonna be on America’s Got Talent my dad cry He’s always known that I’ve had this thing of just like Saying something and then accomplishing it when I was younger when I said I’m gonna be a motocross racer I just started training watching youtube videos and like breaking bones And before I knew it, I was winning races and beating guys who’ve been racing forever And then it’s the same with the music I wrote a song for my mom and I recorded a video of me singing the song and then I posted it on Facebook and then people started sharing it like crazy Still gonna be your baby boy. I Taught myself how to produce how to mix music how to engineer now I’m here I Love you guys, man And we love you back. And when I’m done on the stage, I want to be able to look at them Say yeah, I made them proud Go out there Joseph and make I’ll make a deal with you really quick. Yes, I get the golden buzzer You gotta come out there and pick me up. Oh, I got it. I promise you there. All right Will I would throw you across the state? Welcome what’s your name? My name is Joseph Allen. Tell us about yourself I go to school out in Phoenix, Arizona And how old are you I’m 21, what are you gonna do here for us tonight? I’m gonna I’m gonna perform a song I wrote for you guys Oh an original original. Yeah. Yeah an original song. Yes And why did you decide to enter the show this year I see myself as being someone who can make a major impact in the world And I just want to see how much of a footprint I could leave on earth before I leave Yeah, you gotta let us see it now good luck thank you this is serious In life, it’s comical take your shot Your heart will tell you when it’s time to move ask yourself what you got to lose when it storms It falls on but if this same Laughter today the world’s gonna know my name Everybody backstage, please don’t be scared. Cuz up close Simon looks just like a teddy bear a couple steps up off the stage My birthday with JJ and now the stage here at AGT dreams do come true And drive determination in my eyes if they don’t say that our target is trust me they like make the cross say Oh Pushing the limits not about pushing papers. Do you fill me American can’t you hear me this young man’s out here chasing dreams I hope you see that clearly Make it now before I’m out of time Your heart will tell you when it’s time to But after today the world’s gonna know my Now I just feel blessed man, I feel blessed this is crazy than I thought Is your family here tonight yeah, yeah That’s a big family I grew up in a blended family But they all played a major part in me growing up and I just want to thank all you guys you guys raised the dreamer Man, and we’re doing it Dreams come true on this date, and I’m I think we’re seeing your dream come true There’s a new generation with Millennials and like putting out there what is good in this world and I believe you are so good You know, you’ve got the best reaction for doing nothing We’ve ever had on the show like you’ve got a standing ovation before we even perform I’m thinking am I like one step behind here and they sit really serious or not and I tell you what the whole world should go to your school right now because if it’s slipping You’ve got amazing energy. I’ve got to tell you. Thank you, sir And I like your voice as well If you’ve got a great tone, I might not be the best singer in the world But man, I love to prepare, but I love you. I love you Hello, Joseph first impressions Tamir everything from watching the reaction you got before you even started Like I said was astonishing that was an amazing audition. I love you. Thank you. Thank you From the moment you walked out your smile is electric You know and you walked up with such exuberance and such and and that’s what life is You know life is a series of moments people at home are talking about this moment people in this I’ve dreamed up for You’re wonderful, this is a great moment. I’m so happy to be a small part of it. Yes, sir You’d be happier for you man. I’m just I’m positive I can learn I gotta tell you are you happy I put We don’t Hello How are you? Really excited nervous. This is crazy. Good excitement. Yes. Okay to tell us who you are, please My name is Sophie pakora, and I’m 15 years old Welcome, Sophie Tell me what you were thinking when you woke up this morning. What was the first thought that went through your head? OMG Okay, so I’m guessing you’re gonna say Yes, I’m going to see an original song. Oh, wow, what seventh grade and it’s about school and this is you Yes, Oh Sophie do your friends know you’re doing this No, okay. Well, it’s just you and us right now, okay. Yes. Okay. Well, good luck I Was torn down in the seventh grade All the things people used to say it stuck in my mind now, it’ll come for me. I Hate words, sometimes they’re so powerful, but not mine when I try to talk I say I’m fine no one ever really knows I’m lyin sitting in the classrooms worse than crying and try to hide it my face is burning up my Teacher says no test today. I act excited. That’s what everyone else is doing I gotta get through a read hold my pencil in my hand so tight I think I’ll get some bruises out of that clueless I’m back They all be safe out to talk down on myself, but that’s what everyone else is doing How do these people that don’t know me hurt me so bad. I might just be too sensitive Why am I always so sad but all day I had my sadness waiting down inside my heart and if I show it to anybody They would rip it all apart. No, we’re not paranoid Just grown to be you know, where if they act all nice at first and even save you up a chair What do they want? This is the trick. This is a trap I can’t go on hiding in the bathroom till they’re gone the way someone would actually want me I Was torn down in the seventh grade All the things people used to say and it stuck in my mind now, it’ll come for me My heart used to be seven It’s getting hard to even say anything it stuck your mom. I know it’ll come for me And now I know to feel well it’s okay I’ve heard the words won’t take them to my grave. I Was torn down in the seventh grade My name is Lukas Lum. I’m 12 years old. I am a singer and I’m from Garden City, New York How did you get involved with singing? So when I was little we did this little showcase at my preschool and ever since then I love performing We started singing the moment he learned how to talk Luke sings while he’s brushing his hair putting clothes on putting socks on I Sing a lot when I brush my teeth. I don’t know if that’s healthy When I was little I would do shows in my room with my sister Vicki Well, you can New York man. It’s all about Broadway over there. Do you ever get to see any shows? Luke was six years old I took him to see his first Broadway show and something sparked Every weekend I entered the premiere lotteries and that way I can get discounted tickets and beg my parents to take me I think they’re gonna do fantastic. I love its audience. I love the crowd I love to stage the props the costumes. I would want to be up there. I want to do what they do Fuck brother. He’s just so good I’ve seen Ricky the lion cape by Neverland the color purple Aladdin Into proud and I’ve been to kinky boots eight times Tell us your name, my name is Luc Aslam. Tell us your dream. My dream is to become a star and make it to Broadway Why America’s Got Talent Because all my life I’ve been thinking about being on Broadway and I love it so so much and I think America’s Got Talent Is the next way to achieve that goal? Okay, it’s a trick question. Who’s your favorite judge? I? Love all the judges smart But I had to pick one I would pick Julian because Oh Tell us why you love her because um me and my sister have been following you and your brothers dancing for a very long time That’s amazing So tell us what you’re gonna do here tonight. So I’m gonna be singing. She used to be mine from the Broadway musical waitress She is a messy bun Chee’s ha She is a holy Mother time she saw He baked in a beautiful She is gone, but she Luke you should be incredibly proud of yourself cuz you killed it You have so much poise you talk about a journey you know people come on here and hopefully dreams come true and I think That we are watching the beginning of your dream coming true What’s so important if you move forward don’t put yourself in a generic music pool you’ve got to sing songs Is it every one of your performances is in audition for the best producers on Broadway? You’ve really got to make an impression and this is really key That’s okay First of all I just have to say I’m extremely Flattered that you would even look up to my brother and I with a voice like that with an energy like that You have such talent and grace you have something so special You have an essence inside of you that has given you a gift But not only are you going to become a star and get your dream to come true but I don’t think you need to wait that much longer because Even when the dark comes crashing through When you need a friend to carry you and when you’re broken on the crown I can’t believe it. I I’m in shock. I’ve never expected something like this to happen my whole life. I’m so grateful Thank you so much That was a grateful grateful Hi, hey, what’s your name? My name is Benicio Brian How old are you? I’m 14. Are you singing for us? Yeah, I’ll be singing and what got you into music? My dad, I guess when he was like he turned 40 he was like, you know what? I think I’m gonna be a rock star. We were all like looking at him like okay. Yeah sure and so then I’ve just been you know singing ever since I was like two amazing. Well, why did you come on a GT? I’ve been watching this show for so long and I wanted to come here so that I could share my music with the world and I just I’m so excited Well, we’re excited too, are you ready? Yeah. Yeah. Okay, let’s do it You feeling nervous aren’t you boy – five votes Little boy booster Don’t never let them steal your charm Can your gentle way to keep it running why They can kick down your face Dress it down and tell you that your places in the little baby handle it you son They care put on spin little scanner I’ve been to the moon Yeah You