Top 10 Scary Haunted Schools In America

September 14, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

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today we’re going but to school for some spooks…. Get ready as we talk the Top 10 Haunted Schools
in America Do you believe in ghosts…sure? But would you like to BE a ghost when you
die? What would you haunt…I’d be a theatre
ghost like our number 10…of course. LIKE SHARE ETC 10 – The Actress of Anchorage I’m always here for a theatre ghost. I really am. An alaskan theatre ghost…mate sign me up! It seems West High School in Anchorage is
the known home of a lady in white….an apparition that haunts the theatre auditorium and back
stage spaces, and has been known to run down corridors screaming. Drama queen. It seems that those who have had a good look
at her say her white dress appears to be some kind of costume. It is said she shows up in the audience during
productions, occasionally causing lights to flicker. Honestly, take this from a drama geek….your
theatre aint nuttin til theres a ghost. 9 – Arizona Lee Williams Highschool This is a newish school in the states, and
very new compared to the schools on this list…buuuut it has a history! This school is built in the site of two former
schools with a very haunted rep! The first was Mohave County Union High school,
which prior to that was built on the site of an old pioneer village. During the remodel for the new school, graves
were found on the school ground from an old cemetary. It is said that a number of bodies were exhumed
and removed to build the school….which has disturbed some of the old spirits. It seems a memorial stone was commissioned
for the 350 settlers who were buried under the school… but that isn’t enough to settle
the disturbed. Women in prarie outfits and men in old fashioned
clothing have been spotted watching on at sports games. What is in room 428 at Ohio University? Find out at number 8 ** Ohio University….well… it has it all going
for it really. Built on an ancient burial ground…a former
insane asylum …surrounded by cemeteries …I mean… what else could we add…. The building is already your classic horror
troupe. The campus is said to be haunted by a plethora
of ghouls, however the most enduring legend is the legend of room 428. It is said that in the 1970s, a woman became
as if possessed…she was shouting, acting crazy….and then oddly she fell to her death. What room did she fall from? Room 428 of Winston Hall. After her death the room was reportedly so
haunted…so scary..that it has been permanently sealed. We have a ghost caught on Camera at number
7 – It’s Cleveland High School! Have a look at this picture and tell me when
you see it. There… behind the fence… yep…got it? This image was taken on a cell phone by Marcella
Davis who was photographing her nephew at football practice. She seems to have snapped up a ghost in what
can only be described as a Suave pink 1970s suit… like…cool… if you can only haunt in one
outfit…. I think you want it to be that outfit. I’d literally be devo if I died in my lounging
clothes….I wanna be a ghost in a power suit. Of course! Anyone from Cleveland High school…who is
this chiq creep? A ghostly school in a ghostly town… we’re
taking things to the lone star state at number 6 Six Mile Cemetery Six Mile Cemetery in Llano County is a well
known location of local paranormal stories. At the edge of the cemetery is an old schoolhouse
which has been restored for tourism. Local lore says that a number of children
were killed there by a mad school teacher. Whatever happened, it is said that school
children and teachers alike haunt the spot. Before it was removed, it was said that writing
your name three times on the original blackboard at the school would mean you’d be haunted
or meet an untimely demise. 5 – Seattle Central College
Seattle Central college is the new name for that was Burnley Professional School of Art. The College is said to be haunted by the spirit
of an 18 year old student who died falling down the rear steps in 1913. Some believe he was pushed after a fight at
a basketball game, others believe that he actually ended his life by jumping from a
window near the steps. The ghost is said to manifest by opening doors
when he’s feeling helpful…and shoving people on the steps when he is not. Others report disembodied footsteps, phones
on campus dialing without cause and …. This is how we know it is a student …errant cups
of coffee being poured by phantom hands. 4 – Ithaca College
Ithaca is a private liberal arts school in Ithaca New York that was established in 1892…
plenty of time for a spooky ghoul or two to attach itself to the hallowed halls, right? Well… I found this alarming story on Reddit ! I’ll
read you an edited version of What they wrote. I asked my friend last night if he had ever
seen a ghost or anything like that. He told me when he went to Ithaca maybe 15
years ago, he and a friend and two girls were on their way to a party. They were at a part of the campus that was
very old and had old gothic architecture. He wanted to emphasize how big this building
he was in was. He said there was a cork board on one wall,
a single solid piece that was 40 feet long unbroken. He said while the other people were talking,
he kept getting distracted by this part of the room in the distance behind. He found himself staring into it. He said he felt colder than he had ever felt
in his life and suddenly he was paralyzed to the point that he couldn’t even breathe. He was overwhelmed with a feelings of dread
and terror. He was in a full blown panic because his friends
seemed not to notice he had been standing there not moving. After a while he finally summoned the strength
from deep within to break free. When he did so he regained movement and bumped
into his friend, and to his surprised found that by hitting his friend he snapped him
out of exactly the same paralyzed trance-like state. He said they just ran away as fast as they
could, and when the other people they were with caught up with them later they said they
had been staring at the corner of the room silent for about 20 minutes not the 1 minute
that he thought had elapsed. Later he discovered a nearby cliff which is
apparently famous for a lot of suicides. and that giant corkboard was end to end covered
wit fliers and articles about missing persons and student obituaries. He said the media doesn’t report on the bizarrely
high number of suicides and paranormal reportings because it’s such a prestigious high status
school. The kids of all these rich people who are
the investors and donors for the media go there so they don’t want that negative press
Anyone at Ithaca? Comfirm? Deny? 3 – Preston School of Industry
Also known as Preston Castle, the Preston School of Industry was a long held reform
school for boys in Ione California in Amador County. Anyone know what a reform school is ? Basically
it is kind of like a juvenile prison for bad kids to learn how to behave. This one was opened in 1894 and …err…reformed
a fair few boys in its time. It seems dozens of boys lost their life here
too, either from disease or violence…some were shot dead if they tried to escape. The facility closed in 2010 but urrr….. There are still residents. Un dead residents. The building is now both spooky and abandoned
and those who have looked around the grounds have heard slamming sounds, voices, falling
objects… some people have actually felt ghosts push and shove them and seen apparitions. 2 – Pocatello High School Idaho
This school appeared recently in the TV show Ghost Hunters and has since been making headlines. It seems shrewd entrepreneurs are selling
“We have spirits, yes we do “ t-shirts for ten dollars at Poky high school. It is rumoured that a boy drowned in the swimming
pool at the school years and years ago. The highschool principle had this to say on
Ghost Hunters. CLIP ONE. Beyond that, a ghost was caught on the School’s
CCTV camera – have a look! Clip 2. It seems that the hall is very much haunted
…although I don’t want to step on the episode of Ghost Hunters if you haven’t seen
it yet! 1 – Gettysburg College
I mean…. It makes sense right…. Seeing as…you know ….. The college physically
besides the the historic battleground, with some rooms of the school actually used as
a field hospital. For those of you that don’t know, Gettysburg
in Pennsylvania was the scene of a battle in 1863 between union and confederate forces
during the Civil War. Over 7,000 people officially died across the
sides and thousands more went missing. The oldest building on the campus, Pennsylvania
Hall, dates back to 1832 and is said to be riddled with ghosts – they don’t just stay
in the old building either…lost and wandering spirits are seen all over the college grounds. 2004 graduate Jon said: everyone here has
their own ghost story, like during everyone’s time that they are here, as in students or
teachers, they have some kind of experience with a ghost or weird occurrence like that Comments from Top 10 places scarier than Area
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