Top 10 Countries With The World’s Most Beautiful Women 2017

September 14, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

While every country has its own fair share
of beautiful women, there are some that are better at producing a higher number of exceptional
female beauties. Here at 10 countries which are home to some
of the hottest goddess on the planet. Number 10. Venezuela
This South American country is famous for its history, oil reserves, landscapes and
amazingly beautiful women. The ladies of Venezuela put a lot of effort
into standing out and being pretty and it’s not hard to see that as well. Maybe, that’s the reason why they emerge at
the top of so many international beauty pageants. Number 9. India
India is the land of good food, festivals, and tradition. But these are not the only things the country
is renowned for. Indians have some of the most beautiful cultural
costumes in the world. But the women who wear them are definitely
more beautiful. With their dusky skin tone and attractive
facial features, Indian women benefit from a mix of beauty secrets passed down from generation
to generation. Number 8. The Philippines
The women of the Philippines have a very unique look. They have a slightly darker, more exotic appearance,
that is absolutely enchanting. Most guys who visit the country are absolutely
blown away from the sheer beauty of its women. Number 7. Italy
Since a long time, Italy has been the sole expert in producing things of great beauty,
from amazing food, stunningly deep artwork, and some of the most beautiful women. These beauties are classically European with
friendly smiles and attractive figures. Number 6. Japan
With girls who are a perfect balance of traditional values and modern beauty standards, Japan
comes at number 6 on our list. Most Japanese women are born beautiful, and
don’t even feel the need to wear makeup. Number 5. France
French women are stunningly beautiful, something that is enhanced even more by their amazing
accents. French women always seem to have very kissable,
pouty mouths and are willing to show off their figures with the latest designer clothes. Number 4. Columbia
With celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Shakira, it’s not surprising to learn that Colombian
women are one of the sexiest in the world. Most women here have perfect figures and the
nightlife is filled with some of the sexiest creatures on the planet. Number 3. South Korea
If you are a fan of Korean dramas or movies, you probably know that there’s something special
about Korean girls that separates them from rest of the world. Their faces resemble porcelain dolls: cute,
delicate, and undeniably hot. Number 2. Sweden
Known for their platinum blonde hair and their dazzling blue eyes, Swedish women are some
of the rarest, most unique ladies on earth. Even better is the fact that Scandinavians
are known to be extremely friendly and down to earth. Number 1. Brazil
Have you ever wondered where are there so many Brazilian supermodels ? It’s all in their
genetics. Brazilian women have a love of their body,
and aren’t afraid to show them off. Go to any fashion show around the world or
open a swimsuit magazine, and you’re guaranteed to find a Brazilian hottie in them. Is there any other country which we missed
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