Tips for Transferring to OSU-Tulsa from Tulsa Community College

October 19, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

When you’re thinking about transferring, we
like to see you early and often. As early as your first semester, we’d like
you to come in and meet with us. There’s a lot of value in meeting with us
early because we can help you make choices for the classes you’re taking at TCC, so they
apply and save you the time and money needed to finish your degree. Degree programs at TCC have electives and
choices, and so on our OSU degree plans we also have electives and choices. So sometimes if you sit down with us if there’s
a class you want to take we might be able to fit it in in a particular area depending
on what classes are required for the degree. And then it counts for both the associate’s
degree and the bachelor’s degree. A consortium agreement allows a student to
get financial aid when they’re taking classes at both campuses. So the financial aid might be processed through
the OSU campus, but they’re still taking classes on both campuses to count toward their full-time
status. When we meet with a prospective student, we’ll
sit down with you and go through your transcript to make sure how your classes will apply toward
your degree. We’ll also talk about different majors and
minors you might be interested in. We’ll also discuss your academic and career
goals, so that we can make sure we’re finding the best fit for you. Typically a prospective student we can see
in 30-45 minutes, depending on how many questions they might have. We’ll spend longer if you have more information
you’d like to know. We love to help students figure out what their
ultimate goal is, so we love to sit down with a student and talk about the different majors
we offer and what kind of career opportunities those have for students. You can reach us by email, by phone–we’re
also available on the TCC campuses. We have offices at the Metro, Southeast and
Northeast campuses and we have someone who visits the West campus once a week. We’ll help you every step of the way. You can meet with an advisor each semester
so we can go over the classes that you need.