The University of Rochester’s River Campus Arboretum

September 9, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

Welcome to the University of Rochester
grounds and Arboretum we’re standing here in front of the iconic Rush Rhees
library dome a memory for many that have spent many years here my name is Dan
Chai I’m the manager of the horticulture and grounds here at the University of
Rochester no but blessed with the opportunity to work here for 19 years
over the past 19 years we’ve been developing an Arboretum in collection of
plants here at the University working off a lot of our heritage trees The Oaks
we have here in the quadrangle and beginning to build small collections of
plants throughout the campus as we go through our tour today we’ll reference
some of those areas and how we’ve tried to expand our university collections to
have some unique little gardens and plant species next spring when this
garden is planted the plantings will be from the 1899 Ellwanger berry catalog
that catalog was quite extensive and many of the plants are still growing on
our Mount Hope campus which was a portion of the Ellwanger berry nurseries
this particular one is a variety of river birch called heritage as you can
see it has kind of a pink exfoliating bark many people consider that
attractive I know I do I consider that winter interest this tree right here is
labeled as a scarlet oak scarlet oak is a nice oak tree and the color is a
brilliant scarlet red as opposed to the red oaks that kind of turn an orange and
then go that bronzy color these get an actual scarlet I’ll get a very very nice
dark red this is Katsura tree and he has these
heart-shaped leaflets the kind of flutter in the breeze it’s a very
delicate leaf it’s a delicate looking tree probably the current guru of trees
is called Michael Dirr he’s travelled the world looking at trees he is said
about this tree if he could have one tree and one tree only it will be the
Katsura tree If you’re interested in a tour of the
University grounds and Arboretum you can do so at your computer by going to the
University of Rochester Arboretum website where you can find photos and
other photographic tours of the campus if you’re going to be coming to campus
and want to arrange a tour we certainly welcome the opportunity to talk with you
or you can go into Wallis Hall and find our tree tour map that are available in
the waiting room as you walk in and we’d love to have you come and visit and tour
the university and enjoy our wonderful campus