The Top Graduates Of The Philippine Military Academy Class ‘Siklab Diwa’  (Documentary)

The Top Graduates Of The Philippine Military Academy Class ‘Siklab Diwa’ (Documentary)

November 19, 2019 58 By Stanley Isaacs

Known for various treats and delights Souvenirs and sights The city of pines is not just a tourist destination 10 kilometers south of downtown Baguio You find a sprawling 373 hectare compound in Loakan This is fort Gen. Gregorio Del Pilar Named after the brave and bold hero of Tirad Pass This is the place where cadets are honed to become future armed forces officers and leaders It’s mission: To instruct, train and develop the cadets so that they will posses the character The broad and basic military skills, and the education essential to the pursuit of a progressive military career “With great pride, I can say that PMA has taught its children to become effective leaders of the AFP.” It’s rigid and unique 4-year curriculum has been designed to fit the specific needs Of major branches of service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Just like military academies in the United States Female cadets have also been accepted in the PMA since 1993 The PMA sight was developed into an ideal military training institution With facilities and infrastructure required of a growing military institution But unlike other courses offered in regular academies It takes a lot of guts to enter the Philippine Military Academy But more than a degree it is the badge of honor and pride one will carry with dignity Integrity And responsibility Once he or she gets passed through all the trials and tests inside the PMA DSTV presents and in-depth presentation of the highlights of the 109th PMA graduation Get to know the insights among those who topped the 222 graduates For these are the new batch of men and women who will serve and protect and defend our country After years of hardwork and labor Now is the time for ‘Siklab Diwa’ class of 2014 To take the full responsibility as members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Consisting of 222 cadets Who passed the rigorous training in theory and practice The ‘Siklab Diwa’ class of 2014 has, so far, the highest turnout of graduates Siklab Diwa means [in Filipino: Soldiers that give honor to our heroes’ eternal spirit] It means This symbolizes Our classes’ intention to be an example to the rest of the soldiers That one day our soldiers Will be given the highest regard by our citizens On top of the class is a farmer’s son Who also earned lots of recognition in the academy He is Cadet First Class Jheorge Llona My father is a farmer He grows rice And he also produces copra The rice we grow is only for our own consumption We make our livelihood producing copra My mother is a housewife But she also sells rice treats on the side We don’t have enough since our livelihood doesn’t provide for much Jheorge never stopped in reaching his dream to finish his studies He used his state of living as an inspiration to succeed in his endeavors This not only for me, but this is also for my family And to everyone that supported me I told myself, that I will make my parents proud That I can prove that I can make something of myself And i believe that God is always here with me To guide me and to protect me And I’m thankful that I overcame all the hardships of being a plebe This bunch exhibits great potential in their respective fields The plaques of recognition received by the honor list Only proves that the class of Siklab Diwa 2014 are full of exemplary cadets I just want to play sports I don’t like the awards I just want to enjoy playing sports I’ll do anything. like running It’s like… If you enjoy the sport, you’ll enjoy it and at the same time you’ll grow stronger I don’t go after medals and awards Of course, I still want to do my best I want to measure my limit, what my capabilities are But I understand that there those who are stronger than me But, I told myself that I can match them if I make myself stronger First of all, I wanted to graduate I really want to graduate And then, I told myself that I wanted to be in the top 10 It inspired me to be in the top 10 when I saw my name in the rankings each year So, I went for it The female officers and my classmates said That I will become an inspiration to all the women cadets That us women can do it too Because a lot of women are in the top 10 These cadets might have experienced hard training inside the academy But today marks the real deal When they are given their respective designations Now it’s official They are the new public servants and peace guardians of our country To show strength, courage, knowledge, agility and camaraderie A silent drill exercise was performed This is a joint effort where there should be no room for error Each cadet should take responsibility for his or her actions To make this drill overall excellent Another highlight that every PMA’er looks forward to is the ceremonial parade done by the graduating batch This is a time-honored tradition in PMA because everyone looks forward to the trot Although it may look funny because you don’t know whether they’re walking or running It’s tradition whenever PMA holds a parade Kerlyn Asuncion is the first ever female adjutant to lead the ceremonial parade I made sure I gave this my best because unlike the usual parade that I stand in formation I trot between the lines I did my best because the PMA is counting on me to do the best And to remind them the 4 years they spent inside the academy A token is given to every member of the graduating class By a ceremony called the ‘Ring-Hop’ This has been practiced ever since the beginning, the ring hop It dates way back from the first graduates of the Philippine Military Academy The ring hop is very important because it symbolizes That they are officially given their class ring and formally worn This time, the cadets will choose the closest person to their heart And offer his college ring to express his relief and gratitude For all the hard work and patience The class ring is a reminder of all the things they went through during the 4 year stay here in PMA It is etched in their class rings their class motto “Courage, Integrity and Loyalty.” And on the other side of the ring is their class crest Forever to remind them even when they go out of the Philippine Military Academy That they will be tested and challenged by all the things that go on outside these walls All they have to remind themselves whenever they wear their rings Is that they can overcome all the challenges because PMA gave them the knowledge to overcome them The ring will be their constant reminder That they should assimilate PMA learnings and trainings at all times The graduation ceremony would not be complete without that presence of the commander-in-chief President Benigno S. Aquino, III “You have been molded for 4 years by this institution to espouse courage, integrity and loyalty” “But the real challenge of being a soldier will only begin when you leave Fort Del Pilar.” It seems that the new graduates of the Philippine Military Academy bear a heavy weight on their shoulders To protect and serve the nation no matter what it takes What their class name tells us, they will do their best to bring glory, honor and pride to the Philippines A big salute to our new heroes!