The Ranking of all 50 United States Part 2  # 30 to 11

The Ranking of all 50 United States Part 2 # 30 to 11

October 15, 2019 68 By Stanley Isaacs

what is going on everyone welcome back
for part two of the ranking of all 50 states if you didn’t see the last one
there’s a link down below in the description area and there’ll also be
another one at the end of the video if you don’t have time for that because
you’re a busy busy captain of industry giant businessman here’s a quick recap
number 52 31 now for the most part the first 20 were
pretty easy there’s a lot of states that have more problems than they care to
talk about in polite company I mean honestly who hasn’t heard a fair
amount of profanity when someone talks about their trip and Mississippi or
Arkansas the second half of this list is about places I would consider living or
at least spending some time in if you did see the first video these states are
being ranked by some stats like crime cost-of-living housing things like that
schools my experience weird facts and reputation
basically it’s my opinion while taking all those things into consideration that
being said let’s start part 2 of the ranking of all 50 states number 30
Michigan Michigan is almost two different states the upper portion and
the lower portion the upper portion is good the lower brings the whole state
down I think it’s more fair to say that Lower Michigan has seen better days it’s
been almost 40 years since those days but it is getting better at least
Detroit has gotten a little bit better in reality if they would have planted a
freaking tree downtown at some point it would have been a step in the right
direction Flint still has rust-colored water but
the upper part of Michigan is pretty good number twenty-nine Illinois if it
wasn’t for Chicago this state would be known for East st. Louis and that’s not
a good thing Chicago is a great city with a couple
really bad neighborhoods that the news blows up to scare you I’ve been to
Chicago on a few occasions in the last three years nothing but good food good
people in good times the rest of the state is pretty much farmland and it’s a
flyover State and I also feel that silent s on Illinois is a little
obnoxious number 28 in Kansas I drove across Kansas six years ago it was so
boring all I heard was are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet and I
was driving alone I was yelling it out the window the car but if you like a
nice quiet life with a lot of open fields Kansas at number 28 is for you
number 27 California the Golden State in recent years has become a little
tarnished the air quality sucks cost of living sucks housing sucks it just
doesn’t have the appeal that it once had now if you’re itching to leave that
comment about liberal cesspool or liberal hellhole stop typing we’ve heard
it far too many times it’s boring it’s old you’re gonna leave that
comment at least be a little original and all those of you that are dying to
use that catchphrase of the week like bias or something like that remember
three of the top five most conservative states are Mississippi Arkansas and
Alabama if you make a lot of money California’s nice if you don’t make a
lot of money it’s a nightmare number 26 Arizona Arizona is hot it’s
dry and when it’s 120 degrees outside you can go cool off in uh nowhere
there’s no place to cool off in this state unless you’ve got a major electric
bill cuz your air conditioning you might try the pool but it’s probably as hot as
the air so that’s not very refreshing you know why cuz they’re in the middle
of the freaking desert at least they have good colleges and the low cost of
living that’s something number twenty-five Wyoming this is where we
start getting a little more into states I wouldn’t mind living in Wyoming has
miles of miles of open land and it’s filled with decent people the type of
place people look you in the eye when they shake your hand and stop to help
out if you’re broken down their only real knock for me at least is it’s a
little too wide open a little too sparse when it comes to cities and towns
there’s no real big cities in Wyoming they do have some scary drunk driving
stats but not so crazy that it would stop you from moving to such a great
state number 24 Georgia Georgia is probably my favorite southern state sure
it’s hot and muggy like the rest of the south but other than Atlanta and a few
other places the state is really laid-back really relaxed atmosphere it’s
the type of state where people wave at you from their front porch while they
drink sweet tea you know it’s like they don’t even have know you they’ll give
you a wave now I’ve spent a lot of time in Georgia the land is cheap not too far
outside the cities and the cost of living isn’t terrible it’s actually
other than the heat which I don’t like it’s a really great state number
twenty-three Connecticut Connecticut is the tale of two states almost you have a
few of the most wealthy towns in the United States and then you have Hartford
this is another one of those states that has a capital city going through some
really hard times now they’re not Detroit hard times but they’re hard
enough once you get out of some of the less
than desirable cities in Connecticut it’s a really nice place to be they have
some of the best landscapes in this kind three now here’s a bit of a downer
Connecticut leads the country in breast cancer per capita that’s according to a
stately comm number 22 Rhode Island besides the fact that
people in the comment section try and tell me how dangerous Providence is it’s
not don’t try and gain your street cred in a youtube comment section the crime
rate in Providence is 30% higher than the national average to give you thugs
from Rhode Island an idea where you stand in the world of hoods East st.
Louis is 89 percent higher than the national average and Detroit is a
hundred and forty three percent higher Providence is a sleepy town compared to
them Rhode Island is a nice state that you could spend some time in I enjoyed
it the couple times I grant it’s been in quite a few years but I enjoyed Rhode
Island it was a little quiet for my liking but it was nice on a downer note
it just gets a little cold sometimes and they also lead the country in illicit
drug use per capita so that’s something they don’t have that many people so it’s
easy to do I imagine number 21 North Carolina North Carolina is a great state
with a lot of good history and some bad history as well even though they’re a
southern state they don’t get the southern vibe like you get in say
Georgia or Mississippi it also doesn’t get much of that heat
and humidity that most the southern states get they have great sports and
horribly passionate fans I say horribly because sometimes they overdo it a
little bit go to a NASCAR race it’s more like a religious event to these people
number 20 North Dakota after Fargo Grand Forks and maybe Bismarck there isn’t
much to this state they do have jobs well paying jobs in most cases and a low
cost of living those too rarely go together those two things do fluctuate
with the cost of oil because they have a lot of oil jobs there with all the
fracking and all that stuff that started a couple years ago but compared to where
the state was 20 years ago they’re in great shape if you’re the type of person
that likes to live a quiet life and maybe farm North Dakota may be for you
they do lead the country and bars and farms so that’s something number 19 New
York there was a time the Big Apple and pretty much all of New York was the
place to be everyone was gonna move to New York that’s not as much a thing
anymore New York City is actually losing people and Rochester has become a bad
City who would have seen that one coming how was thought Rochester was nice
my son lived in upstate New York – last October and in his words after living
there two years he said I now know where I never want to live again
New York has more lawyers per capita than any other state in the country
number 18 Montana Montana is one of my favorite states even though it’s a
little light on big cities and people it’s still a pretty good state really
not a fan of the eastern section of Montana it’s wide open prairies farms
rolling hills and not a lot to look at I like the Morton mountainous western
section of it whitefish and West glacier are – my favorite towns to visit Montana
leads the country in poorly paid teachers and dudes that dream about the
Bass Pro Shop number 17 South Dakota South Dakota in my opinion
is the much better Dakota there really isn’t much of a difference between the
states to outsiders they’re like a package deal of nothing at least South
Dakota has the Black Hills which is loaded with folklore and frontier
history South Dakota also leads the country and concealed carry permits so
for you gun fans that’s that’s kind of cool the other thing I like about South
Dakota land is dirt cheap number 16 Virginia I’ve been to the amazing state
of Virginia several times over the years each trip is filled with hiking camping
and fishing on the Shenandoah River which is probably one of my favorite
rivers of all it’s always a good time especially if you’re with good people
but I’ve never been impressed by Virginia’s coastal beaches they they’re
just kind of not all that they’re not all that now I know I’m spoiled being
raised like within a mile of the Southern California beaches but yeah
they just didn’t do it for me but all in all Virginia’s just a really big DC
suburb which leads the country and private sector jobs funded by the
government number 15 Hawaii it’s a tropical island
in the middle of Pacific Ocean so yeah it’s a pretty sweet place to live I mean
that is ever since the Japanese stopped bombing at almost 80 years ago these
days all you have to watch out for are exploding volcanoes a high cost of
living and Dog the Bounty Hunter who lives in Hawaii sidenote there’s a
really cool video about the history of dog the bounty hunter on my friends
channel called wavy web surf I’ll leave a link below to one of my top five
channels to watch Hawaii’s cost of living is out of control that is
probably the only knock on the state they also lead the country and people
who identify with the LGBTQ community number 14 Nebraska Nebraska is another
place you could fall asleep while giving a speech on that would probably be about
three minutes after everyone in the audience already fell asleep talking
about visiting and looking at videos about Nebraska make you feel like you
took an ambien but the good news is they have a great education system a great
quality of life score and a decent economy and if you’re watching this
years from now and the economy has changed in the Cornhusker state stop
typing this video was done in early 2019 when Nebraska’s economy was doing pretty
good always get that all the time it’s like look at the date of the video
before you make the comment number 13 Massachusetts the pilgrim state leads
the country in education and that’s not just the elementary middle and high
school I mean they have some of the best universities in this country in the
world probably in the state of Massachusetts
you have Harvard MIT Brandeis Tufts Wesley College Boston College that’s
just to name a few there’s a bunch of other ones the Boston metro area is the
only real big city in Massachusetts now they have a few other small cities
sprinkled throughout the state but Boston is the main hub of the state I
love this state but they have a couple knocks
I did read a report about them having one of the worst infrastructures in the
country and the second one is they have extreme cold cold that gets so cold that
even a dude like me who likes the cold might rethink moving to Massachusetts
they also lead the country and people that consider themselves liberals that’s
kind of weird I would have thought that would have been like Portland Oregon or
just Oregon in general Portland is kind of its own state sometimes
number twelve Utah this is a church run state whether the locals like to admit
it or not Utah has a history that is so weird that sometimes you’ll find it hard
to believe and they also have some national parks that are so breathtaking
if you only see pictures and videos of these parks you’ll find it hard to
believe they exist Utah has the second-best economy in the third best
education system in the entire country they also lead the country in church
attendance who saw that one coming number 11 Minnesota I’ve never had
anything but a good time in Minnesota the state is called the land of 10,000
lakes and to be honest I think there’s more than that it seems like you run
into a lake everywhere you go compared to other states those lakes sometimes
double drive time just to get to the interstate Minnesota has the second best
quality of life in the United States they also lead the nation and
whooping-cough so there’s something minnesota is very much a family
orientated state they get high marks and everything from education health care to
family life it’s not a bad place to live again though this is one of those places
with some serious cold alright so that’s the second video of the ranking of all
50 states we went from number 30 to number 11 the last video will be coming
out soon hope you guys enjoyed it I hope you got some information out of it don’t
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