The Hajim School At The University of Rochester

October 12, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

I first got to Rochester I really was
trying to decide between mechanical engineering and chemical engineering and
when I read about the BME department here it was kind of the perfect mix it
allowed me to get hands-on experience while applying scientific concepts to
the body main computer science were really about solving really hard
real-world problems efficiently it’s always been really cool to me that even
when you’re working with computers the end result once you have programmed
something is so tender overall experience at the University of
Rochester has been great the main thing that attracted me to the University and
the thing that I still love about it is the freedom of the course though even as
an engineer you get to take courses that you’re interested in
outside the engineering field and that’s that that was the draw for me in the hey
gem school we have several departments that that are working a state-of-the-art
research and education and biomedical engineering Chemical Engineering
computer science Electrical Engineering mechanical engineering and optics yes I
think spending time here working on the arbitrary waveform generator and I just
said that I mean if you can find a way to port it out the waveform it’s
critical in this kind of field to have the very best resources and the very
best laboratories there’s a lot of schools that they have like thousands of
students and their work is excellent but you don’t have the attention you get
here at the University of Rochester many campuses you’re probably just a student
ID number here you there’s at least three or four professors in your
department that probably know you by name know exactly what your research is
on and they really do care about you There’s such a crossover
between a vast variety of subjects that students are really able to integrate
themselves into a community that really cares about each of its students and cares about fostering what a student’s passionate about. The Hajim school we
very much believe in hands-on education and getting very much involved in
research so we have a lot of projects that cross disciplinary boundaries that
was more interested in just any project that was not a classroom environment in
order to compete in Baja you have to build a race car from scratch so
anywhere from the design process to the building process it’s basically all the
students we don’t have professors you know that are building their parts for
us or doing calculations for us we have to make sure that everything is ready
for the time of competition. this is number one in the country if not the world for optics being a BME and having the chance to work that closely
with that caliber of a note Department is amazing we have very good people
working on advanced architecture designs for next-generation computers we have
people looking at communications working on all types of new ideas for wireless
systems for mobile systems for healthcare systems. Started as an undergrad here at institute of optics after undergraduate, I joined their
PhD program at the institute of optics also obtaining a master’s in optics at the
same time I’ve been fortunate enough to have a co-op position at NASA and which
fortunately led me to a research position in a fellowship at NASA I would
say that I am the person I am today as an academic as a scholar as an engineer
but even my individual mindset because of my experience at the University of
Rochester and the Rochester community this educational experience is really
not only in the classroom it’s in the labs it’s in your summer internships
it’s in all the things you do in the community it’s all the things that we
put together that really help a student to decide what they want to do and
then become really good at it, world class.