August 17, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ – How do I make the most
out of my college experience? – Go in with an open mind. You’re gonna learn so much,
meet so many new people. – Say yes to every offer and opportunity. – Have fun. Get in study groups. – Get involved with
as much stuff as you can. Be active on campus, because after that, real life hits
and you’re paying bills. – I like to refer to a Venn diagram, where you either have a social life, you have good grades, or you get sleep. And you have to choose two.
You can’t choose all three. – When I went to college,
it was the beginning of computers, believe it or not. Laptops and technology, like a computer– you know, that’s the things
that you must have in college. – Shmoop– that’s what I recommend. It’s, like, a way better
version of SparkNotes. It got me through classes. – Really start thinking independently. – Be nice to your professors. Be nice to them, ’cause it’s way
different from high school. Like, they actually care about teaching. And if you’re nice with the professors, sometimes the grading
is a little bit more flexible. – I think it’s all about time management. – Balancing the study and fun. You have to first figure out
what are your priorities. – Work your butt off four,
five days out of the week. And then the two, three days
that you’re able to relax– you need to go balls to the wall. – Don’t go hard every weekend. Just really learn how to balance it. You know, don’t go out the night
before you have a test. – The main thing I’d say is probably just weird stuff with Top Ramen. – When there’s nothing in
the fridge, your best friend– every college student can relate
to this– is Cup O’ Noodles. You take two of those, and then you put
mac and cheese in the middle. And I ate that, and luckily
I didn’t have a heart attack. But it was delicious. – Freshman 15 is a real thing,
so make sure you exercise often. – My fondest memories are
not necessarily what was being taught but the activities and the people
that went alongside that. – One thing that we did was
we buried a time capsule. For a bachelor party, when one
of us got married 10 years later, we went back to dig it up.
Couldn’t find the thing. All of us, whenever we get together,
we always talk about, (hushed) “We’re gonna go back
and find that thing.” – First night of college, I took a shower
in this group bathroom. And I come out in my towel,
and there’s this girl walking down the hall
with this giant teddy bear. And she just looks at me.
I’m just in my towel. And she’s like, “Hi!”
and she gave me a hug. And I’m in my towel
in the first night of college. And I call my mom. I was like, “I want to go home,
Mom! I don’t like it here!” Your whole college isn’t weird, you know? You just got to make the most of it. – Hello, everybody! And thanks for watching
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