Teaching in an Online Graduate Program – Leslie Wind, University of Southern California

September 14, 2019 0 By Stanley Isaacs

My name is Leslie Wind. I’m the Associate Dean
for academic programs at USC School of Social Work. I was on faculty when 2U and
the School of Social Work began to work together
on the virtual program. The collaboration has
been very exciting. We use our technology
in diverse ways to make connections
with our students, to help them become
professionals, to help them identify and
understand the USC Trojan culture, to become
social workers. I had an email just
today, an hour ago. And a student who
just graduated wanted to let me know that he had
passed his licensing exam. And he’d been hired by the VA. And this is a parent who
went through the program with two young boys. He’s an outstanding student. And I was just so excited,
so pleased that he thought to email me
and share his success. It was just great.