Teaching Computers to Parents –  Foil Arms and Hog

Teaching Computers to Parents – Foil Arms and Hog

November 28, 2019 100 By Stanley Isaacs

Oh, God, I’ve broken it. Oisin, what have I done now?
Nothing, it’s fine. I have had it with this cursed machine. Will you sit down there now and show me how to use it. What, I have to do my homework.
Ah, it’ll only take a second. What did you do there, now?
I didn’t do anything.. Well you did something. There, there.
I just moved the mouse across the screen. There it is again, now.
It’s the mouse! Double-click. You have to do it faster.
Faster? Yeah, okay? Not let me do it. It’s just, this. I want you to show me how to do it. I don’t want you to do it for me. You just type in your email address.
Right, okay… A N Oh I’ve lost it, oh yeah, N. Look, I’ve got an email from a Prince Aragaba from Nigeria. Oh Mum, I don’t think that’s actually a prince.
Oh, you’re jealous. He’s just trying to rob you.
He’s a prince. He’s stuck in an airport, and he needs help. Now, where’s my credit card details… Oh, no, Mum! Don’t! It keeps offering me cookies. I got an email from the Bank of Europe asking me to reconfirm my credit card details. So I’m just putting them in here, now.
No, stop – don’t do that.. I am an hour trying to get this bloody printer to work And it just refuses to do anyth- oh, there it is now. What’s this now?
It’s just the terms and conditions. The application may ask for your permission to access…
You don’t have to read it Mum, it’s just gmail It says please read the terms and conditions before-
But nobody- it’s 14 pages long, you don’t- Nobody… Mum!
Oh, I’ve clicked out of it What’s this now..? History That could be interesting, might be something on the renaissance No Mum, you can’t, don’t open it – you can’t open the history folder – it could, it, it could break the computer I thought you said you couldn’t break it? That… That can. Oh Jesus Christ Oisin, what? What is that now? DoomDah Hey we’re Foil, Arms and Hog – thanks a million for watching, please subscribe to the channel How do you do that now?
You just click the button Oh god, that’s easy – Isn’t it.
So with the Irish tour we have three extra dates added on and they are in… Dundrum, Galway and Vicar Street.
And we got a UK tour and which we’ll be announcing very very shortly Yeah, I think it’s time to get rid of this ridiculous curly wig…