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EE: Reflective Learning

The material learned in class was definitely transferable to the hands-on experience digging on the archeological site. The professor also incorporated a reflective component. In the final major essay, we were able to include our experiences from the site, and also what we learned through the course, plus additional research. So, he kept the topic…

By Stanley Isaacs January 3, 2020 0

#YORK101: Colleges

It’s actually one of my favorite scenes in Harry Potter, Gryffindor was the best fit for him. Honestly isn’t it sick how we have like a similar housing system here where we go to school? It’s like we go to our own little Hogwarts! You know what? You’re actually right. Here at York, we have…

By Stanley Isaacs November 9, 2019 0

Station Focus | York University (TTC, Zum)

Hey guys, welcome back to the channel! Today, we’re visiting York University Station, another station on the TTC Yonge-University-Spadina Line that is part of the recent Vaughan Extension. Opened in 2017, York University station is quite grand and elegant just like other stations on the extension, and unlike many other stations on the extension, this…

By Stanley Isaacs October 19, 2019 11