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what’s going on everyone my name is drew welcome to my channel and in today’s episode I’m going to be telling you why oh we spilling all the tea hey before we hoppin in this video I just want to let you know that this is from my perspective so college or Business School might…

By Stanley Isaacs October 26, 2019 66

LGR – The Sims 3 University Life Review

[typing] You know, you could probably sum up each of the previous Sims 3 expansion packs with one word, if you really try. Puzzles. Terrorism. Skyscrapers. Creepy. Cocaine. Wub-wub-wub. Hypothermia. And now: streaking. Aw, yeah, it’s about friggin’ time! The Sims 3 University is finally here. Well, University “Life,” so as not to confuse it…

By Stanley Isaacs October 16, 2019 100