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What NOT to do at University

What’s up, internet, it’s your boy Danny. I went outside last week— that’s not the interesting part—and guess what fell on my head? No, not the realization that my relatable jokes about not going outside might just be a thinly-veiled coping mechanism for a slowly-growing agoraphobia that’s taking over my life— this little guy! Look…

By Stanley Isaacs October 9, 2019 100


Arise, Warrior. The battle is about to begin. Who said that? What the! Where are my clothes?? Put on your uniform and enter the Arena. Well I hope you got a good floating eyeful, buddy, cos you ain’t seeing this chemical-bleached booty again! Hold it! My uniform has a lot of accessories. Looking less and…

By Stanley Isaacs September 9, 2019 0

What is Imperial College London

– To me Imperial is an amazing, international and diverse hub of educational excellence at a great location in London. – Imperial encourages you and challenges you to give the best of yourself while at the same time allowing you to make lifetime friendships. – Imperial to me is a community to find out who…

By Stanley Isaacs August 26, 2019 0