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See vs watch vs look

Hello! I’m Sam from BBC Learning English and in this episode, we’re going to look at the differences between ‘see’, ‘watch’ and ‘look’. All three are verbs and all three involve using your eyes. ‘See’ can have many non-literal meanings, but its basic meaning is ‘to have the ability to use your eyes’. I can’t…

By Stanley Isaacs December 4, 2019 32

The University Secret | 1791

We are different. It is this concept of “difference” that produces a cocktail of unsettling emotions, but at the top of them all is the fear of inferiority and its potential outcome; exclusion. The harsh reality of the human condition is that our differences don’t always match up with our ideal outcomes. Some of us…

By Stanley Isaacs October 20, 2019 100

Mechanical Engineering in University Malaya

Hello everyone We are now standing at the Faculty of Engineering University Malaya One of the Highly Ranked Faculties in this world which is, it stands at 35th place in QS World University Rankings and we are representing Mechanical Engineering Department which stands at 33rd place in QS World University Rankings All our programmes are…

By Stanley Isaacs October 14, 2019 2