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Writing Learning Outcomes

What I want to talk about is writing learning outcomes and more specifically using behaviorally based language and terms to provide a sound basis for instruction and assessment. We want to consider what’s the essential takeaway for the course what is the absolute minimum thing that we want students to be able to do at…

By Stanley Isaacs November 29, 2019 0


My name is Chantorn Sovann. I am in the third generation of VAAS graduates. I chose to study animation after learning different skills in VAAS. The title of my final project is called Conflict. Conflict means not being able to solve something unless both sides agree to negotiate. And if they don’t, even more problems…

By Stanley Isaacs October 11, 2019 1


>>Good morning, Mrs. June.>>What’s wrong with you all? Never eat breakfast, is it? One more time with energy.>>Good Morning, Mrs. June.>>Is that the best you’ve got? One more time!>>GOOD MORNING, MRS. JUNE!>>Slightly better. Sit down. THE BIASED TEACHER>>So class, if you have any further questions, please don’t be afraid to ask. I always encourage my…

By Stanley Isaacs August 15, 2019 97