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White Student Union (Documentary)

[MUSIC PLAYING] MATTHEW HEIMBACH: You’re never going to get anywhere in America waving a swastika banner. That’s just a simple fact. JONATHAN MUNSHAW: Matt explained to us that they wanted to start patrolling campus to try to protect against crime. Because Matt was convinced that there was black on white crime occurring in Towson. MATTHEW…

By Stanley Isaacs September 8, 2019 0

Schoolgirls for Sale in Japan

Narrator: Japan has an incredible tolerance for the sexual exploitation of young girls. Host: If somebody asked you what your job description was, what would you tell them? SCHOOLGIRLS FOR SALE ~Light Music~ Host: This is the Akihabara neighborhood in central Tokyo, and it’s ground zero for “JK”. Which is what the Japanese call “schoolgirl…

By Stanley Isaacs August 23, 2019 100

I Broke Dumb Laws In Front Of Police

Is this like an anti-establishment thing or something? Britain is an old-fashioned, weird place. Every November, we burn a wooden effigy of a dude who tried to burn down Parliament hundreds of years ago. We turn people we like into Knights. However, the most ridiculous thing that we have is our laws If you wear…

By Stanley Isaacs August 20, 2019 100