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UC Merced Graduate Studies: Physics

I think, in physics especially, it’s really important to just be curious. Being in grad school is difficult, but it’s not really that difficult as long as you like what you’re doing and you like the people you’re working with. So we are training you to become a professional scientist, so part of the work…

By Stanley Isaacs December 18, 2019 0

UC Merced Graduate Studies: Mechanical Engineering

Well, the program is Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics. It’s a multidisciplinary program for Ph.D. and master’s students. The fields of interest are usually in the thermofluids area, the solid mechanics and controls. We do all things related to mechanical engineering I suppose. So everything that moves from transportation to construction to small-scale devices. We…

By Stanley Isaacs December 10, 2019 0

Why I Love Teaching

I think that now is a great time to go into teaching because it is the most rewarding type of career I could ever imagine helping shape the future by working with children I’ve been in education now for about thirty years and I still have moments where I think about the weight of the…

By Stanley Isaacs December 2, 2019 0