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My Graduation Day – Christina Vassell

[hushed speaking] It’s 2:30 here in Berlin.I woke up about like 20 minutes ago and I’m just packing getting ready to go catch my flight. I’m finally ready, yeah I think I’ve got everything, I think I’m packed. Now I’m going to head downstairs. [car engine sounds] I’m currently at the train station looking to…

By Stanley Isaacs February 10, 2020 1

Teacher apprenticeships: From the Apprentice

If it wasn’t for the apprenticeship route I probably wouldn’t have considered teaching. I’ve always upheld a job alongside my education as I’ve always studied part-time and earning a wage and gaining real working industry experience has always been something that’s been a real passion of mine and I see as a no-brainer personally. So…

By Stanley Isaacs February 3, 2020 1

Master of Pharmacy (Graduate Entry) at Curtin

Curtin University’s Master of Pharmacy is a graduate entry degree. It’s for students who have a bachelor degree in something else, maybe a Bachelor of Science, and it provides them a professional qualification to become a pharmacist who can practice in Australia. When I discovered that doing a postgrad in pharmacy at Curtin was only…

By Stanley Isaacs December 23, 2019 2