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Winter Graduation Highlights 2018

[Music] Congratulations! Very happy, excited, very proud, second degree. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. [Male] I feel very glad that I have my diploma, to see everyone back for just a last time and very proud to be a Bradford graduate. It feels great! It’s been a difficult task but, at the end…

By Stanley Isaacs February 3, 2020 1

Compilation: 2018 Featured Graduates

My name is Florence Auma Aliardo. My name is Bryan Waring. I’m Hana McNally. My name is Melissa Cunningham. I’m Jennifer Allen and I’ll be graduating with my son. I came in this country because of the Civil War and I thought my opportunity to pursue education was shattered. When I ran from South Sudan,…

By Stanley Isaacs February 1, 2020 0

Hear from our Law graduates

I don’t know. All of it! Probably. Making all these friends who I know I’m going to be friends with for a very long time. And the beautiful campus and the great lecturers. Everything. When I realised all these people that I’d just met for the first time had become my study group, they’d become…

By Stanley Isaacs January 25, 2020 0